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Do you know where is the best and cheapest 4G in the world ?

Did you know that Danish cell phone rates are less than a third of the price of those in Canada?

It’s not a surprise, Canadians’ mobile plans are very expensive! Indeed, Canadians continue to pay some of the highest rates for wireless service in the G7 and Australia, according to a study commissioned by the CRTC in 2016. We tried in this article to show just how much more expensive is Canada’s mobile data in comparison to other countries.

Let’s take a look at the cost for mobile data (4G) in Europe.

As you can see, there’s a lot of differences… Yet, people across the world have differents needs and habits. Still, if you live in Denmark, 30 GB of 4G would cost you less than 20 Dollars… Amazing right? (source:

Another country where plans prices are really cheap is Russia! For less than 15 dollars, you can have 16 GB of data,  + 20 GB only for YouTube, and illimited on social media. (We know Russia is full of hackers, they need 4G)

The equivalent of the CRTC in Belgium did a survey about prices of cellular plans in Europe. They compared prices in Belgium with those of five other countries : France, United-Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Here what they found :

This chart represents the cost of a cellular plan for high usage of data in each country, we notice a huge difference between France and Deutschland. Well, the survey says that prices in France and U.K. are lower than the others because of the emergence of a new carrier in both countries. The new carrier, in both case, came up on the market with very aggressive offers, so the others had to align their own prices in order to stay competitive.

Let’s see now how much it would cost to have 20GB of data every month in Quebec, Canada!

Well, well … First, there is no such thing as 20GB plan in Quebec. You could find 20GB data plans in Ontario for example, but there are very expensive. You should also know that Quebec is one of the cheapest province in Canada, some of them are really expensive such as Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. Either way, there is a big difference between Canada and others countries we saw earlier.

Why is it so expensive in Canada?

We could say that is because Canada has one of the best network coverage, or connection speed, but it’s not true!











(charts source:

As you can see, Canada does not have the best network coverage or speed. Let’s take South Korea for example, which has the best network coverage and the second best speed: with SK Telecom (the 2nd most popular carrier in South Korea), you can have a plan with 11GB + Additional 2GB/day for around 80$CAD, it is a 71GB per month plan!

I hope this article will be useful and did not make you feel too sad…

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