Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with All-inclusive : PREMIUM+ | 8GB | Unlimited minutes at Videotron


Galaxy Note 8


Brand :


OS :


Storage :

64 GB

One time price : $269.95

Per month : $0.00 Total price : $269.95

All-inclusive : PREMIUM+ | 8GB | Unlimited minutes available in Quebec

$107.95 per month
$107.95 per month
Unlimited Calls
8 GB
Billing informations

Price detail for 2 years

Plan and add-ons $2,590.80
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
with contract
Activation fee $10.00
SIM card $5.00
Total $2,875.75
A monthly fee for 911 service will be added to your mobile plan bill. This fee is regulated by each province, in Quebec it is $0.46. This tax is collected by all wireless carriers and used to support local 911 emergency operations centers.

Included in plan

  • Unlimited text message
  • Call display
  • Voicemail
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About the carrier

Videotron is a division of Quebecor. Since 2013, Videotron and Rogers are partner. It has others services such as : cable telephony & TV, internet access and video on demand. Operating on its own network in Quebec, Vidétron uses Rogers’ network in other provinces.

Network coverage

Videotron' network coverage