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Express yourself!


The Canadian Radio-television and Telecomunications Commission “CRTC” is conducting a Survey to measure Canadian citizens’ satisfaction level regarding Mobile and web services provided by local operators.

Willing to analyze thoroughly all Web and Mobile services offers, CRTC calls upon the public to participate in the Survey that will be conducted nationwide , starting January 14th,2016.

Canadians will be asked to determine which services they believe are necessary and what are offers suit them best.

This Survey,which will be ended by February, 29th,2016, is available online, by phone at 1 877 249-2782 (toll free) and by fax at 819-994-0218.

So don’t hesitate express yourself!

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Why Public Mobile plans aren’t available in our comparator ?


We’re often asked why Public Mobile plans cannot be found in our comparator, so we thought about writting this article to clarify things up.

Further to the acquisition of Public Mobile by Telus, the former had been set aside until 2015 to finally operate a comeback with a beta version as a SIM card mobile operator only.

Given the very nature of its beta version, Public Mobile asked us to not advertise its mobile plans in our comparator.

However, we’re still in touch with the company via their Twitter account. If Public Mobile gives us the go-ahead to reintegrate their offers in our research engine, be assured that it will!

You can also help us by sending them a tweet:

Thanks a lot for your support!