How we work at PlanHub

We know you’re probably wondering how shopping comparison websites work, the process and what entails. Well glad you’re here because we’re going to tell you exactly how it works, or unravel the mystery to how we work. At PlanHub, our goal is to make comparing mobile, internet and TV plans as effortless and easy as possible.

Finding a plan should be simple and we swear by that.

PlanHub Canada has partnered with numerous telecom providers who provide us with their latest as well as exclusive offers. We have a team that dedicatedly works towards making sure these deals and offers are updated every day.

Who is Behind PlanHub?

Who is Behind PlanHub?

So you’re curious to learn more about who is behind PlanHub, who maintains the website up to date and who will answer your questions?

We answer all of that and more on our About Us page and are always eager to answer any other queries you may have about our tools and services!

So let’s talk a little about PlanHub Canada’s formation and the thought behind its one true purpose. PlanHub is an online platform that was created in Montreal back in 2013 together by Nadir Marcos Mechaiekh Simon and Guillaume Marcade. The two formed PlanHub with the objective of making it more straightforward and worry-free for Canadians to compare telecommunication packages through means of online tools and services.

Today, we are a team of ace developers, marketing professionals and customer service representatives who work hard to deliver the best possible service.

Prices Always up to Date

Prices Always up to Date

PlanHub updates the prices of hundreds of telecom providers each day to provide you with an up-to-date internet providers cost comparison and the best cheap phone plans in Canada.

Our team at PlanHub engages and manages a variety of telecom package combinations every day, after receiving information directly from the providers.

Some providers also work very closely with us and update their prices on our portal themselves to ensure accuracy of information.

Speaking of the Canadian market where prices change regularly, our team of auditors work tirelessly to provide users with the most precise and updated information so as to make finding cheap cell phone companies a simple process.

What does PlanHub cost?

What does PlanHub cost?

We know what you’re thinking, "What does PlanHub cost?"

No prizes for guessing, because PlanHub is entirely free. Our platform was made with the idea to serve Canadians as well as to give them the means to confidently navigate through today’s competitive telecommunications market.

Of course, PlanHub is a business and our services require a lot of work. When you click on a "view offer" button or an advertisement, we earn a fee. But bear in mind that our commitment to giving you the best service means that we always show the most relevant results based on your search and needs.

All Canadian operators are included on our platform for complete transparency, even if we do not have a commercial relationship. This means users have access to an entire range of offers available at all times. We can warrant the fact that our team checks pricing for all the Canadian service providers present on our website.

Now, is PlanHub a subscription service? Absolutely not. PlanHub Canada is solely a search and comparison tool designed to help Canadians find the telecom plan they need at the best price possible.

What is Planhub's algorithm and the default “Recommended” sorting?

What is Planhub's algorithm and the default “Recommended” sorting?

Choosing the perfect plan is not an easy task. That is why at PlanHub, we have developed an algorithm to order plans by relevance for our users. The algorithm takes into consideration multiple factors beyond the monthly price. It is applied on most PlanHub pages so that the most interesting plans are shown first and is also the default sorting on the search result page whenever a complete plan search is conducted.

The recommended sorting is generated using PlanHub's proprietary multi-variable algorithm that orders all plans found from the most relevant to the least, according to user input.

To generate the recommended sorting, PlanHub takes into account customer satisfaction, the plan’s total cost over the 24-month contract, speed (Mbps) to price ratio, and a very small proportion is allocated to sponsorship value from the providers, when there is.

To ensure relevance, the sponsorship value acts only as a tiebreaker between plans that are nearly equivalent and is part of PlanHub’s responsible and fair monetization system necessary to maintain the website in operation.

Your Personal Data

Your Personal Data

Your personal data will only be collected when you provide it to us. For instance: when you sign up for our Newsletter. Additionally, you will only be contacted by PlanHub if you drop a request.

To find out more, we invite you to read our privacy policy.


PlanHub is a completely free service for Canadians. There are no fees added to your purchases.

No. PlanHub is not a subscription service. We are simply a platform that gathers all the telecommunication plans in Canada for customers to find the best offers.

PlanHub compares all telecommunication plans in Canada. More precisely, users can compare mobile plans, Internet plans and TV plans. We make sure to include plans offered by our partners as well as plans offered by non-partner providers to ensure that Canadians find the best plans.

PlanHub contains information about various telecom services: Internet, mobile and TV. Other than comparing plans, you can explore various articles on popular telecom topics. We also offer a speed test if you are looking to verify your Internet speed.

You can start by selecting "Search" on our home page. Then, you will need to answer a few questions for us to assess your plan needs. To finish your search, you will be asked to enter your postal code for our tool to give you a list of plans available in your region.

Our blog content is mainly focused on telecom topics. You will be able to read about the latest innovations and technologies but also about new special offers. We also make guides to help with frequent telecom topics.

New articles are dropped weekly on our blog. However, we have daily posts on our Instagram account and by-weekly posts on our Facebook page.

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