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Best Phone Plans Canada (2023)

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PlanHub is an innovative search engine offering the easiest way to compare mobile and internet plans in Canada.

No one understands the difficulty and frustration that comes with searching for a new phone plan better than us. Fortunately, we at PlanHub are dedicated to bringing you the best, most affordable offers at every moment, especially for mobile and internet plans. Every month, we provide a snapshot of the country’s best phone plans in Canada. This way, our readers are always up to date on the current market. All you need to do is read through our listed plans, choose the one you like and voila! You’re all set to get started with your brand new phone plan.

This is our update as of January 2023. We’ll start by going over some factors you should consider when searching for a new phone plan before moving on to listing some of the best mobile plans currently available in Quebec, Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

Best Cell Phone Plans Canada

Choosing an affordable cell phone plan that fits your needs can often feel like an overwhelming task. Reading through multiple plans, considering special offers and wading through the fine print on all the various providers’ websites can feel endless. No wonder Canadians end up settling for overpriced plans with features that that they do not even need. That’s where we at PlanHub come in. We go beyond the offers from just Bell, Rogers and Telus to truly go through all the mobile plans available in the market to find the best cell phone plans Canada deals for your needs.

We have dedicated countless hours towards matching satisfied Canadians with the cheapest phone plans. Our handy search tool helps you compare all available mobile plans currently available in your province to help you choose the best cell phone plan deal that fits your needs entirely.  In this article we will list the best mobile plan deals in 2023 in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia or anywhere else in Canada.

First Steps: What to Consider

What province you live in

Canada’s three major telecommunication companies are Bell, Rogers and Telus. Their cell phone towers cover the entire country, providing phone service and mobile network access to Canadians in both urban and rural environments. However, just because they cover the entire country, that doesn’t mean you need to sign up for one of their plans. A recent study from Canada’s Competition Bureau discovered that cell phone plans by these three major companies were up to 35-40% less popular in provinces that offered a fourth major provider. For example, the presence of a fourth competitor to the Big 3 such Videotron in Quebec or SaskTel in Sasketchewan could mean that you have better deals in your province than the rest of the country.

Your usage and needs

The most important factor when choosing a mobile plan is what you need from it. Many Canadians tend to overestimate their needs for a mobile plan and end up paying far more than they need to. On the other hand, by underestimating your needs, you could end up with insufficient coverage or having to pay heavy fines for going over your data limit. Both of these situations are less than ideal.

To avoid incorrect estimates of your usage, you could check your monthly cell phone bill to pinpoint exactly how much mobile data and other services you are using up. Alternatively, your cell phone offers a simple and convenient way to help you estimate your monthly data usage.

To monitor your data usage on an iOS phone:

-Open Settings > Cellular > Scroll down until you find Cellular Data to see exactly how much data each app is using up.

To monitor your data usage on an Android phone:

-Open Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Data Usage > Scroll down to see a list of your apps and how much data each one uses.

It is important to keep these two criteria under consideration when selecting the right mobile plan for you. Now that you are aware of their importance, we can dive into a comparison of Canada’s best cell phone plans.

Your provider history

Your previous provider history is another important thing to consider. Since everyone has different experiences, this is a personal, one-of-a-kind question that only you can answer. That being said, what about your history should you consider before finding a new plan? Firstly, you should think about your overall satisfaction. Do you enjoy the provider you’re currently with, or do you find yourself annoyed with their prices and customer service? How long have you been with them and do they reward loyalty?

Additionally, are you with a major telecom provider, or a smaller independent company? If you’ve been dissatisfied with a large company’s customer service and feel uncared for, you might want to shift towards a smaller company. On the other hand, if you’re with an independent company and disappointed by their network coverage and overall performance, you might want to consider purchasing a plan with one of the bigger providers. Navigating these questions can help you decide whether you want to stay with your provider, or if you’re ready to explore newer options. And before you finalise your choice of provider, make sure to check reviews of the provider on PlanHub to see what other customers have had to say.

Now that you know what you need to consider, you should be fully prepared for the next step. After assessing all these questions, you are ready to begin your search for your new cell phone plan.

Best Cell Phone Plans Canada: Quebec

With some of the best cell phone plans Canada has to offer, Quebec residents have plenty of options to choose from. Furthermore, Quebecers have access to a variety of exclusive offers and promotions which are unavailable to the rest of Canada. Here are the three best mobile phone plan deals in Quebec in March 2023:

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Fizz Logo

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These are just a few examples of some of the best, most affordable mobile plans available to Quebec residents. Make sure to click on “More Information” to read all the details about the specific plans. If you want to conduct more research, feel free to use Planhub to compare Quebec’s cheapest plans depending on your personal needs.

In addition, when comparing different plans, make sure to consider the possible perks that different providers offer. For example, Fizz offers data rollover for unused data every month, whileVirgin Plus members gain access to exclusive offers from fashion, food and entertainment companies. Depending on what you want, these factors could heavily impact your decision!

Overall, the best phone plans Quebec has to offer is more of a personalized question. Every user has a different answer based on what they expect from their plan. Whether you want more data, cheaper prices, or exclusive offers, there is a plan for you. Quebec residents are lucky. Their exclusive access to companies like Videotron give them more options than other Canadians. While this could make the hunt for a mobile plan much harder, it also increases the chances of finding a perfect mobile plan for you. If you’re interested in learning about the best mobile plans in Ontario, check out our next section below!

Best Cell Phone Plans Ontario

Not a Quebec resident? There’s no need to worry, you can still enjoy plenty of great offers in Ontario. Our selection for the best cell phone plans Ontario residents can purchase are straightforward and affordable. We’d recommend these plans for anyone in Ontario that doesn’t want to spend too much money, but still wants a substantial plan with excellent network. Here are the three best mobile phone plan deals in Ontario in 2023.

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Once again, this is just a selection of some of the best mobile plans Ontario residents can expect when browsing online. Luckily, most brands will offer several attractive promotions and limited offers exclusively to Ontario residents. Make sure to click on “More Information” to see all the details on these three affordable plans, and see what kind of exclusive offer is in store for you!

Sadly, Ontario has one of the highest cell phone plan rates in the entire country. Since Canadians pay some of the highest rates in the world, this means consumers in Ontario might end up paying for some of the most expensive phone fees on the planet! Obviously, affordable phone plans still exist, but they don’t offer many perks and are becoming harder to find. If you’re in need of an affordable plan, there are many options at your disposal. First off, you can consider switching to a pay-as-you-go plan. This way, you can try out multiple different plans from various providers until you find the perfect one.

Alternatively, if you’ve been with your provider for years and are beginning to notice an increase in prices, you might want to call them and speak with them. If you express your loyalty to the company and disappointment with the price increase, they may offer you some kind of free promotion or bonus data for your current plan. Contacting your provider is always worth the time, as nothing bad can truly come from it. Finally, you should know that PlanHub is always here for you throughout this difficult journey. Whether you want to compare Ontario’s cheapest plans, or read through our informative blogs, we are here to help.

Best Mobile Plans Canada: Nationwide

Now that we’ve covered some of the greatest options for Quebec and Ontario residents, it’s time to take a look at the bigger picture. For our final portion of the article, we will introduce some of the best mobile plans Canada has to offer. These phone plans are available in every province, and should be available to purchase regardless of your location. Although they are pricier, these plans are bulkier, and come from some of the country’s most trusted telecom providers. Whether you live in Western or Eastern Canada, a rural environment or an urban setting, these are three of the best cell phone plans and offers in Canada as of 2023 :

Mobile Plan – $85 Per Month – 40GB | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: 40GB
  • Price: $85 / Month

More Information about Telus 40GB data plan

Mobile Plan – $77.50 Per Month – Unlimited 50GB Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: Unlimited high speed until 50GB
  • Price: $77.50 / Month

More Information about Bell mobile plans

Mobile Plan – $160 Per Month – Unlimited 100GB Data | Unlimited Calling

  • Texting & Calling: Unlimited
  • Data: Unlimited high speed until 100GB
  • Price: $160 / Month

More Information about Rogers 40GB data plans 


Again, it is important to note the different perks and promotions that come with each of these mobile plans. While the Telus plan may appeal to a user that needs loads of data, Bell and Rogers’ offers may appeal to larger families that want a group plan. If you and some of your family members are all with the same provider, there are various perks to shared unlimited data plans. Companies will grant you bonus data for adding more devices onto their plan, as well as purchasing other accessories from them.

When reading through our article, keep in mind that these are for traditional call, text and data plans for those who already have a mobile device. If you are in search of plans that come with new phones, data-only plans, or anything else, you might want to consider things differently. Providers offer all kinds of different deals when you buy a new plan alongside a brand new smartphone. If this is what you’re interested in, we’ve got you covered! Take your time and use our step by step quiz below to find the ideal plan for you:



In the end, the best cell phone plans in Canada are subjective to your personal preference and usage. What appears to be perfect to one individual may not fit another individual’s needs, and so on. By considering the information in this article, as well as using PlanHub’s various resources, we hope that you now feel several steps closer to finding the perfect mobile plan for you. Make sure to regularly check out our website to learn about the country’s greatest phone plans and find some of the cheapest prices available to Canadians.

Best Cell Phone Plans in Canada – Find the Cheapest Prices

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