How to evaluate my needs?

The simplest approach is to consider your current usage. Look at your monthly bill, everything is well detailed. The important information are the number of minutes and data that you use every month.

If you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone you can also have a look on your data consumption (see our article).

Which cell phone should I choose?

There is no right or wrong answer. If you don’t have access to internet, or don’t use apps, don’t take a smartphone: most of the time they’re more expensive, are fragile and have lesser battery life.

Consider buying a previous generation phone. They have better performance and are cheaper, since the carriers are trying to clear their stock.

How do I find the best cell phone plan?

In Canada their more than a dozen major carriers. If you consider the whole set of options proposed, it sums up to thousands of different possible combinations. You can go see the carriers one by one in a shopping center or on internet, but kind of a drag. Or you can go see PlanHub.

PlanHub is an easy, online and free compararison tool for cell phone plans. In a few clicks it gives you for every carrier the best possible combination of phone, plan and options according to your needs and the device you’re researching. It will make you save time and money.

Watch out, even if the plan prices look identical from one carrier to another, the price for the device can vary and can make a real difference in final price.

Should I buy my cell phone on contract or unlocked?

When you buy your phone off contract, you get 10% off your monthly bills. Even more, the device is unlocked which means that you’re not stuck by contract with one operator. You can leave when you want.

However, when you buy your phone with contract it can get subsidized.

Note that if you need a small sized plan it’s unlikely that your phone can get subsidized. Over a 2 year period, it’s going to be more advantageous to buy your phone off contract. If you consider going for a bigger plan, the best option is probably to buy your cell phone with contract.
The Planhub comparator considers the best option out of the 2, which means the cheapest over 2 years.

How are the fees applicable when I cancel my contract?

The cancelation fees depends on the financing you got for your phone and where you’re at in your contract.

Let's take an example:
You’ve agreed to a 24 month contract, and there’s 6 month left to it. You still have to pay 6 / 24 = 1/4 of your cell phone.
So if your cell phone was worth 600$ and that you paid 100$ upfront, the financing is 500$. The cancelation fees are 500$ / 4 = 125$. And nothing more! You’re protected by the CRTC.

How are classified the results on PlanHub?

The results displayed represent the total cost over 2 years. This includes the phone cost and the total monthly payments for the plan and financing of the phone. The results are displayed considering the price, starting with the cheapest.

Why does Planhub propose to me to add options of overcharge costs?

Sometimes it’s cheaper to take a cell phone plan with less services included and to pay the overcharge fees. Again PlanHub will show you the best option to choose.

Is PlanHub on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes! You are more than welcome to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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