National Coverage Map

Canada is massive. As the second largest country in the world, it is not a given that cell phone towers cover all corners of this vast land. In fact, Canada's cell phone towers cover less than 30% of our country's territory. However, they manage to reach 99% of our population. To keep track of national coverage from each major provider, check out our detailed and interactive cell phone coverage map of Canada.

Cell Phone Coverage Map Canada

We offer one of the most detailed cell phone coverage maps for Canada. Our map covers the entire country and breaks down how many cell phone towers every major provider owns. Feel free to click, zoom and scroll through the map to learn more!

Regional Coverage - Provincial Data

Want to know what kind of cell phone coverage is available in each province? Interact with our map to see details about regional coverage. Zoom in to the province of your choice, and see how many cell phone towers are available and what areas they cover in just a few seconds. This is a great tool if you're planning a move to another province and want to see what kind of coverage is available in your area.

5G Coverage Map

Last but not least, you can also sort our map by technology soon. We provide a 5G coverage map, which details the number of 5G towers across the country in addition to Canada's 4G coverage nationwide. If you've ever wanted to see where 5G technology is available in Canada, this is the right place for you.


Bell Coverage Map

Bell's cellphone towers reach 99% of the Canadian population and the company boasts the largest 4G and LTE coverage. They also offer one of the fastest 5G networks in most major Canadian cities, with plans to expand over the next few years. Bell also owns three smaller 'flanker' brands: Virgin Mobile, PC Mobile and Lucky Mobile. So, if you have a plan with one of these providers, you gain access to the same coverage as Bell.

Bell Coverage Abroad

Bell offers roaming coverage abroad for a fee. With their Roam Better option, they offer their customers who are travelling in the United States, the ability to use their current data plan as if they were in Canada for an additional $10 a day. For countries other than the US, Roam Better costs $14 a day.


Rogers Coverage Map

Rogers' mobile network is very accessible across urban settings and is available to 97% of Canadians. The Rogers coverage map stretches coast to coast and currently offers the country's largest 5G network. Just like Bell and Telus, Rogers also owns a few smaller brands. If you sign up for a plan with Fido or Chatr, you can also access Rogers' expansive network.

Rogers Coverage Abroad

Rogers offes its customers the ability to enjoy Rogers coverage abroad through deals with telcos operating in other countries. As a result, Rogers customers who are travelling abroad can continue using their current mobile and data plans anywhere in the world, just as they would in Canada. Rogers calls this their Roam Like Home program and it costs $10 per day in the United States and $14 per day in the rest of the world.


Telus Coverage Map

Telus and Bell use the same cell phone tower network. Only the technology that connects these towers to the Internet is different between the two companies. As a result, the Telus's coverage map is identical to Bell's and reaches 99% of the Canadian population. However, Telus has traditionally performed a little bit faster than Bell. Telus also owns Koodo and Public Mobile, which allows customers of these two brands as well to enjoy their fast and expansive 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Telus Coverage Abroad

Like Bell and Rogers, Telus also offers its customers coverage abroad for a small daily fee. Fortunately, Telus' Easy Roam is cheaper than its competitors' roaming programs. For $9 a day, Telus customers can use their familiar monthly plans while in the United States. Alternatively, it costs $13 per day in the rest of the world.


SaskTel Coverage Map

SaskTel has the largest, most available network in Sasketchewan. As the SaskTel coverage map shows, popular cities like Saskatoon and Regina are at almost 100% coverage, while several rural communities are also covered well. If you live in rural Saskatchewan, SaskTel may be your best (and only) choice for a mobile provider.

SaskTel Coverage Abroad

SaskTel too offers its customers the ability use SaskTel coverage abroad while traveling internationally. SaskTel users can choose to pay different rates depending on how much data and other perks they want while travelling. While in the U.S, users can pay $3 a day for unlimited calling with no data allowance or $6 a day for 500MB of data. When travelling in countries other than the US, users can pay 7 cents per MB of data, 10 cents per minute on the phone and 10 cents per text message.


Freedom Mobile Coverage

Freedom Mobile's coverage is primarily available in urban settings across Western Canada, as well as in Ontario and Quebec. Being a flanker brand of Shaw's, they aren't trying to be the country's most available network but they offer competitive prices and service to their customers wherever they operate.

Freedom Mobile Coverage Abroad

Freedom Mobile also offers coverage abroad at competitively low prices. With its Big Gig Roam Extra, it gives its customers extra data when travelling abroad. Their prices are: $7 per day for the United States, $8 per day for Mexico and $12 per day for everywhere else.


Eastlink Internet Coverage Map

Eastlink has the the most expansive internet coverage in Eastern Canada. They consider themselves a leader in fiber technology and promise blazing fast Internet speeds For residents in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, Eastlink might be a viable choice over other major providers like Bell and Telus.

Eastlink Coverage Abroad

Eastlinks offers its customers coverage abroad with their easyTravel program. Eastlink customers can use their current data plans for just $9 a day in the United States, and $13 a day in the rest of the world.


Videotron Coverage Map

Videotron is a fourth provider in Quebec and its coverage map shows that it offers coverage across urban Quebec. Although it doesn't serve most rural regions, it offers competitive prices in Quebec's major cities ofering urband Quebecers a viable alternative to Bell, Rogers and Telus.

Videotron Coverage Abroad

Videotron customers can enjoy coverage abroad for a fee. Videotron's Daily Traveller Passes cost just $6 a day in the United States, and $10 a day in the rest of the world and allow customers to use their mobile and data plan as they woud in Canada.


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