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Finding a new mobile plan is never a simple task. Thankfully, you can take comfort in our collection of Eastlink mobile reviews from previous clients. These testimonies give insight towards the company, and what you can expect after signing up with them. Our Eastlink mobility reviews are supposed to provide insight and bring you one step closer towards choosing your mobile plan. Without further ado, please enjoy our selection of Eastlink cell phone plan reviews.

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Eastlink cell phone plans reviews

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EastLink Mobility has been forever focused on its original philosophy as it continues to further expand. With an ever-growing network coverage and disparate offers, the company is widely appreciated for its customer service and affordable plans by a vast majority of its users.

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Eastlink Wireless https://www.planhub.ca/img/logo/eastlink.png 405 Av. Ogilvy Suite: 101 Montréal QC H3N 1M3 +15149527325 $$ 1 4.8
Eastlink Wireless

Eastlink offers really affordable options with great service. Easy to upgrade phones every 2 years. I save over 50% on plan fees compared to Bell for a family of 4 with 20Gb shared data, unlimited calling/text. Only feedback I have for Eastlink is a better online Self Service tool needed. I cannot manage my plan and select something new without contacting a Eastlink rep directly.