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Mixing and Matching Mobile Accessories: A Comprehensive Guide

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Mobile accessories are becoming more and more essential. From wireless earbuds to colourful phone cases, they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and price points. The best mobile phone accessories combine convenience with efficiency. They introduce you to a luxury you never knew you needed, but can no longer go on without it. However, the best phone accessories are also compatible with a wide range of devices. Although devices like AirPods and Pixel Buds are designed for specific smartphones, you can still use them with other devices. In this guide, we will discuss everything there is to know about mixing and matching mobile accessories. If you’ve ever hesitated to purchase an accessory because it was not made for your specific phone, don’t worry. This article should lessen your worries and introduce you to a number of solutions.

Using Apple Accessories with Android Phones

Apple devices are very popular across the globe, and for good reason. Their phones combine advanced technology with an intuitive user interface, ensuring that every user can get the most out of their smartphones. Of course, this also applies to their accessories, which make using an iPhone even easier. Their newer accessories like AirPods and Apple Watch have become so popular that fans anticipate their announcements just as much as new iPhones. If you’ve ever considered using Apple accessories with Android phones, here is everything you need to know:



AirPods work with Android smartphones just like any other Bluetooth earbud. After pairing the device, all you need to do is place the AirPods in your ears and start listening. AirPods offer great audio quality and decent microphones, making them a great companion for running or working out. Of course, the various compatibility features make them a great pairing for iPhones. Unfortunately, Android users lose most of these features, including: Checking battery, pausing when removing an AirPod and Siri.

The only feature that works with Android devices is double tapping the right AirPod to skip songs. However, there are several apps on the Play Store dedicated to improving AirPod functionality with your Android smartphone. These apps allow users to check the battery, and customize the double tap feature. Overall, AirPods work fine on Android. If you want a great wireless earbud and don’t care much about compatibility features, try out a pair of AirPods for your Android phone.


Apple Watch

Using an Apple Watch with an Android smartphone is possible, but not very simple. When trying to connect your Android phone to an Apple Watch, it will automatically reject the connection. However, there are ways to successfully connect the two devices. If you have an LTE Apple Watch, you can follow a few steps to connect your Android phone with an Apple Watch. Unfortunately, you will need both an iPhone and an Android phone to accomplish this. After connecting the iPhone to the Watch, users can shut off all three devices and swap out the SIM cards. After powering the Android and Watch back up, they should be connected. Still, the lack of synergy between the Apple Watch and Android phones is quite evident. Users can send and take phone calls, but not much else.

Without the official iOS apps, the Watch will not be able to use much of its renowned features without a paired iPhone. Even further, sending text messages is not too easy, since the Apple Watch tries to send iMessages by default. So, even if pairing an Apple Watch with an Android phone is possible, we don’t necessarily recommend it. It requires lots of components and loses many valuable features. Instead, Android users should probably consider buying another Smartwatch. 



Magsafe is a line of magnetic accessories that can be easily attached to the back of iPhones. With Magsafe, iPhone users can easily enjoy the luxuries of wireless charging, as wella s other conveniences. Recently, online users have discovered unparalleled synergy between Magsafe and the recently released Pixel 6. Although it was probably unintentional, Magsafe accessories connect to the back of the Pixel 6’s Moment case as if it were made for them.

Further, if you buy the right case, you could (in theory) attach Magsafe to the back of all the latest Android phones. Since Magsafe uses magnets, all you need is a case or magnetic ring on the back of your smartphone. There are tons of third-party manufacturers dedicated to making these accessories. Due to the impressive synergy between Magsafe and Pixel, we’d definitely recommend pairing it with an Android phone of your choice. If you’ve ever wanted to experience wireless charging or the convenient Magsafe wallet, don’t let having an Android phone stop you!

Using Android Accessories with Apple Phones

Now that you know everything about using Apple’s popular accessories with Android devices, it’s time to take a look at the opposite. Have you ever been interested in an accessory designed for Android phones, but hesitated to buy it due to being an Apple user? Fortunately, you’re not totally out of luck. Using Android accessories with Apple phones is relatively simple. Although it may not be the intended/optimal experience, doing so is not difficult, and can be done in case you’re curious or have a preference for Android accessories. Here’s what to know about using the most popular Android devices with an iPhone:


Samsung Galaxy Watch

Fortunately, using a Samsung Galaxy Watch with an iPhone is much smoother than using an Apple Watch on an Android device. For starters, the official Galaxy Watch app is available on iOS, which allows for the two devices to be easily paired up. After pairing the watch and smartphone, users can enjoy some of the Watch’s renowned features like its sleep tracker and heart rate monitor at full capacity. Additionally, Find My Device and incoming/outgoing calling also works without problem. Sadly, the experience is not perfect, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch truly struggles when it comes to sending texts and messages.

Although you can easily receive SMS and app notifications without a problem, responding to such messages is impossible from the Watch. Although pairing a Galaxy Watch with an iPhone is possible, you should only do so if you do not plan on sending messages from the Watch. It is crucial to consider these “deal breakers” when mixing and matching mobile accessories. However, if the lack of certain features does not bother you, feel free to go ahead and mix and match to your heart’s content!


Pixel Buds

Following the success of Apple’s AirPods, Google introduced the Pixel Buds for Pixel users. With a conveniently sized charging case and wireless functionality, these earbuds include various unique features to Pixel users. It is still possible to pair Pixel Buds with Apple smartphones, with the loss of some features. Apple users cannot enjoy the benefits of Google Assistant, or the live translate feature powered by Google Translate. However, they can still swipe and tap the earbuds to pause, skip and adjust volume while using the Buds.

Overall, the Pixel Buds are more compatible on iPhone than the AirPods are on Android. Still, just because it is possible, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is recommended. At the end of the day, Pixel Buds were built for Google phones and vice versa for a reason. Their simple user interfaces, device synergy and exclusive features make them obvious choices for smartphone users in search of wireless earbuds. However, if you cannot get your hands on AirPods as an iPhone user, Pixel Buds will work just fine with your smartphone.


Galaxy S Pen

The Galaxy S Pen is a wireless stylus that easily connects to Samsung devices. Primarily used with the Galaxy Note devices and Samsung tablets, the S Pen lets users take notes, draw and tap their screens with more accuracy. Additionally, the newer S Pens include Bluetooth technology that allow for exciting features including a camera timer. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S Pen does not function with any Apple devices. It cannot pair with iPhones, or even iPads. This may be a pretty big bummer for Apple fans who wanted to try out the S Pen and see it in action. Of course, they can still use the Apple Pencil on iPad if they are in need of a functioning stylus. Although this stylus has no functionality with Apple devices, the bulk of Android’s mobile accessories seem to work fine with iPhone. 



To conclude, mixing and matching mobile accessories is often a simple and enjoyable experience. Still, it is not always recommended. All mobile accessories are designed with a certain phone brand in mind. As a result, they get to experience a number of exclusive features and functionalities. Still, there is no shortage of universal mobile accessories. If you’re ever worried about reduced functionality, there are countless accessories from third-party companies that work perfectly with both Android and iPhone devices.


Finally, all mobile accessory fans should make sure they have powerful devices that are capable of wielding these accessories to their full potential. However, we understand how difficult it can be to find the right cell phone. With so many choices, one can easily get overwhelmed. Thankfully, we at PlanHub provide an informative mobile phone information page on our website. This page presents all the latest smartphones in an organized fashion. By choosing your favorite brand, you can click through all their most popular devices and learn about their prices, specs, pros and cons. Of course, PlanHub is mostly known for its plan searching service. This service scans the internet to present you with a list of the greatest, most affordable mobile plans based on your location and personal preferences. After finding your perfect smartphone, use our service to find the best plan that perfectly matches your needs.

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