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The Best Mobile Phone Accessories 

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Over the past few years, smartphones have evolved significantly. Currently, they are more technologically advanced than ever before. Smartphone users can play high-definition online games, video call family from across the world, and take beautiful photographs all from a tiny device that fits in your pocket. With so many features and capabilities, companies have begun focusing more on technology to use alongside mobile phones. Users can purchase both premium accessories and third-party gadgets to make their lives significantly easier. From essentials to fun novelty items, we will outline the best mobile phone accessories currently available.

Must Have Phone Accessories for iPhone Users

As one of the most popular mobile phone brands, iPhone users have a large number of useful accessories to choose from. Thankfully, Apple produces some of the most useful and essential accessories for their customers. Some of their products have become synonymous with their smartphones, and continue to sell excessively well across the globe. Without any further delay, here are the essential, must have accessories for iPhone users:


The most essential iPhone accessory has to be the iconic AirPods. These wireless earbuds offer impressive sound quality with unparalleled simplicity. Once your earbuds are paired to your phone, they automatically pair after placing them in your ears. The portable case stores them easily while charging them on the go. Additionally, small details like pausing when removing an earbud, or skipping songs by tapping it twice make them all the more enjoyable. Currently, customers can purchase AirPods ($179.00), AirPods Pro ($329.00 CAD) or AirPods Max ($779.00 CAD). While the more advanced models increase in price, they also provide improved sound quality, noise cancelling, battery life and more. Overall, AirPods are an expensive accessory, but highly essential. Although they are not necessary, they are definitely the best Bluetooth earbuds for iPhone users, and one of the best mobile phone accessories money can buy.


MagSafe Charging Case

The newly introduced MagSafe Charging Case makes wireless charging far simpler. Currently available for the iPhone 12 and 13, these accessories attach to the back of your phone. Afterwards, you never have to think about it again! Simply enjoy the wonders of improved wireless charging. The MagSafe’s magnet will snap onto a wireless charger or battery pack for 15W charging. However, we must warn you in case you’re thinking about buying a MagSafe case and wireless charger: Once you start enjoying the benefits of wireless charging, it may become difficult to ever go back.


Apple Watch 

Another incredibly popular Apple accessory is the Apple Watch. As one of the strongest smartwatches on the market, the Apple Watch is capable of much more than just telling time. It can track your progress and stats during runs/workouts, receive all your notifications and more. Apple recently announced the Apple Watch Series 7 during their event in September, which will undoubtedly be their strongest model yet. The Series 7 will provide a much larger display with faster charging. Additionally, its new water resistance rating allows for it to be worn while swimming. Finally, this new model can monitor heart rates, measure blood oxygen levels and give an ECG at any time. All these features make the Apple Watch a highly desirable iPhone accessory that fits comfortably around your wrist.

Hot Selling Mobile Accessories for Android Users

Luckily, iPhone users aren’t the only ones that get to enjoy state-of-the-art accessories made by premium companies. Google, Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers are also producing some of the finest mobile accessories on the market. If you’re an Android user, make sure to check out some of these items to make your life more convenient. Here are some hot selling mobile accessories all Android phone users should have on their radar:


Google Nest

Although the Google Nest can function without an Android phone, it works best with a Google account. The Nest functions as a small speaker which users can easily control using Google Assistant. By speaking a command, the Nest will share the weather, play music and more. When linked with your Google account and information, it can streamline your notifications, read out your favourite news sources and play music from your playlists. The Nest can also be purchased as the Nest Hub, which comes with a small interactive screen. This allows users to conduct video calls, play YouTube videos and look at Google Photos without touching a button. Further, the Hub can be paired with your home security system and display any guests at your front door. Whether you use an Android phone or not, the Google Nest can make your home life much easier, and introduce you to the wonders of voice control technology.


Google Pixel Buds

Whether you’re a current Google Pixel user, or planning on buying the new Pixel 6, the Pixel Buds should be at the top of your accessories list. These wireless earbuds provide impressive audio quality in a portable charging case. Further, its synergy with Google Assistant allows for numerous hands free features. Users can respond to texts, make calls, and Google search for anything they want without having to take their phone out of their pocket. New Pixel Buds start at $139.00 CAD, and will greatly improve your listening experience as a Pixel phone user. With its slightly lower price point, it directly competes with Apple’s AirPods. As of 2021, it is one of the best mobile phone accessories for Android users, and the best accessory for Google Pixel users.


Galaxy S Pen

If you use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the S Pen can take your device to the next level. The S Pen functions as a portable stylus that can seamlessly write and draw onto your device. If you use a large device like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, you can greatly benefit from an S Pen. Instead of using a touch screen to text or take notes, you can write quickly as if you are using a small notebook. Further, if you’re an avid photographer, the S Pen allows you to precisely edit your photos after being taken. Lastly, the new designs introduced a clicking button at the back of the pen. This button has Bluetooth functionality, which unlocks numerous features with your Galaxy phone. Most notably, it can be clicked to take photos or videos from far away. This provides a great alternative to propping your phone up and setting a camera timer. Overall, the S Pen is a great accessory for Samsung Galaxy fans seeking to make their lives even easier.

Popular Mobile Accessories Everyone Should Purchase

Lastly, we want to go over a few popular mobile accessories everyone should purchase. These accessories are easily accessible, and can be bought by third party manufacturers at low prices. We recommend looking for them at a tech store, or ordering them online. Here are our picks for essential mobile accessories for all smartphone users:


Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Buying a tempered glass screen protector should be a top priority upon buying a new smartphone. This thin layer sticks right to your screen, and protects it from nasty crashes and heavy impact damage. If you drop your phone facedown the protector will prevent your screen from cracking, and save you a massive headache. These small layers of protection are one of the best mobile accessories and an essential purchase regardless of which phone you buy.



Interested in photography? Consider a tripod for your smartphone. We know that nothing feels worse than ruining a perfect shot due to shaky hands or an uneven frame. Fortunately, portable smartphone tripods are sold all over the world to prevent this issue. Simply place your phone in the tripod, set up the perfect shot, and take it. Tripods are also great for group self-timed group shots, ensuring you can photograph all your family and friends in a single frame.



As one of the cheapest and most popular mobile accessories, a PopSocket is an incredibly simple accessory that can make your life much easier. These grips stick to the back of your phone and pop out whenever you choose to. This makes it easy to lean or prop your phone up on a surface. These tiny accessories make watching movies or videos on your phone much simpler, and help provide an optimal gaming experience. Just like the other two accessories, these can be purchased for any kind of smartphone at a reasonable price.


As you can see, there is no shortage of useful mobile accessories. Whether you use an iPhone or Android device, there are several items and gadgets that can pair with your phone to make your life much easier. While you may be inclined to purchase something directly from your phone’s manufacturer, some of the best mobile phone accessories are offered by third party companies for a fraction of the price. Regardless, both high-end accessories and simple gadgets can work together to make your life much easier, and let you enjoy your smartphone to the fullest.


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