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Canada’s Mobile Experience: How Do We Rank on a Global Scale?

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A recent report from Tutela ranked mobile network experiences from around the world. By measuring certain criteria, the company was able to determine a global ranking, and even organize a top 100 list. Fortunately, Canada didn’t do too poorly, and ended up with the greatest results of all North American countries. Throughout this article, we will give a detailed account of this report, and focus on Canada’s mobile experience performance in comparison to the rest of the world.

Tutela Report

Before jumping into the data, you may be asking who Tutela are, and what kind of report they conducted. Tutela is an independent company dedicated to providing the world with insights and crowdsourced data on the mobile industry. By doing so, they hope to paint a more accurate picture of the world’s mobile experiences, and inform the masses. In addition to weekly reports on individual countries and communities, they also conduct an annual report towards the end of every year. In October, they uploaded their 2021 annual report. This annual Global State of Mobile Experience report compares countries across the world’s mobile experiences to determine an organized ranking. By crowdsourcing from over 800 million users, Tutela gained more than enough information to produce their ranking. 


Tutela’s mobile experience trials test for high mobile network requirements. Meaning, they try to push mobile networks to their limits. They test for the most demanding features, such as video conferencing, HD video screening and online gaming. Although Canada was praised for providing one of the best 5G gaming experiences, the Tutela test is more of an overall test that combines multiple aspects. Based on a country’s overall performance, they are given a score out of 100. Then, Tutela displays the results, with the scores appearing in descending order. With all that in mind, let’s see how Canada performed compared to the rest of the world.

Canada’s Mobile Experience

Canada placed 28th on Tutela’s ranking, which is quite impressive. Being able to crack the top 30 is an achievement which we should be proud of. Canada earned a score of 72.15, beating out the United States and Mexico. The U.S. is just a few spots below in 31st, with a score of 70.71. Meanwhile, Mexico placed 62nd with a score of 51.16. So, even if you feel that Canada’s global score was low, you can take pride knowing that we beat out our North American neighbours.


If you’re still interested in Canada’s performance, consider looking into Tutela’s report entirely focused on Canada. This report analyzes our network performance and compares the country’s mobile providers. In a similar fashion, Opensignal recently conducted a similar study to determine which Canadian provider offers the best 5G experience. As technology continues to develop, we should expect more companies to introduce similar tests and reports. It manages to keep the industry exciting and introduce the world to captivating data in an organized manner.


Global Mobile Experience

Interested in how the rest of the world ranked? Check out the results of Tutela’s global mobile experience through their graph below:

(Image courtesy of Tutela.com)

This graph details the top 100 world ranking for mobile experience. As you can see, the top five countries are Denmark (86.16), Finland (85.75), South Korea (85.72), Netherlands (85.38) and Austria (83.02). European countries continue to dominate the top ten, taking up eight of the slots. Even if Canada performed well in the grand scheme of things, we still have room to grow! Hopefully, we will earn a higher score and ranking in the next annual report.


The positive results of Canada’s mobile experience is a cause for excitement. Being recognized on an international scale is great news for our providers and reputation. As innovations like 5G technology continue to develop, we hope to see more rankings and studies published. In addition to Tutela, we also hope to see more independent companies introduce their own methods, reports and rankings. That way, we can pay attention to any consistencies (or lack thereof) between reports, and determine which providers are truly offering the greatest services in the world.


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