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Best 5G Gaming Experience: Canadian Providers Recognized

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Although 5G is still a relatively new technology, users are eager to experience its full potential. Similarly, mobile providers are eager to compete, and see who can provide the greatest 5G experience to its customers. Recently, Opensignal hosted their Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021. With this publication, they crowned the world’s greatest 5G upload/download speeds, as well as gaming. Although each section included multiple winners, all three major Canadian providers (Bell, Rogers and Telus) were recognized in the best 5G gaming experience category. 

5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021

Opensignal is a company dedicated to educating the population about mobile networks. Throughout the year, they conduct various tests in order to determine the greatest 5G and 4G networks across the world. Earlier this year, they analyzed Canada’s providers in order to discover which one offers the greatest 5G experience. With the 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards 2021, Opensignal compared 5G networks from around the world, rather than focusing on a single country. Continue reading to discover the results of their global 5G gaming experience ranking.

Best 5G Gaming Experience – Ranking

Opensignal’s results for the best 5G gaming experience were divided into numerous categories. Of all the categories, the big three Canadian providers were only recognized in the gaming section. For these results, Opensignal labelled providers as either 5G global winners or leaders. To be considered a global winner, providers had to score exceptionally high rankings from Opensignal. These global winners were KT (90.7) and SK telecom (90.6) in Korea, T-Mobile (90.5) and KPN (90.3) in the Netherlands, SingTel in Singapore (90.2), LG U+ in Korea (89.9) and Vodafone in Ireland (89.2). 

Below the winners, all 5G global leaders were recognized as providers who earned a rating higher than the global average of 76.7. Fortunately, the three major Canadian providers were all found within this section. The strongest of the three was Rogers, which earned an impressive score of 86.4. A few spaces below, Telus earned a rating of 83.6. Finally, right underneath them, Bell was awarded a score of 83.5. 

Improvement from 4G to 5G

On top of their numerous rankings, Opensignal closed their award segment by acknowledging the providers with the most significant improvement from 4G to 5G. They referred to this portion as the 5G Global Impact Awards. Once again, all three Canadian providers were recognized, but only in the games category. This section recognizes the most significant improvement from 4G to 5G in terms of gaming experience. Once again, Rogers led the pack with a 17.2% increase from its 4G network. Below them, Telus earned an impressive score of a 13.8% improvement. Lastly, Bell was right under Telus with their 13.4% rating. 

Best 5G Gaming Experience – Conclusion

Overall, the three Canadian providers received similar praise in each category. Without a doubt, Rogers offers the best 5G gaming experience in Canada. In addition, they boast the most significant improvement from 4G to 5G gaming. However, Bell and Telus are neck-in-neck, and users should not be able to notice a difference in 5G quality between the two providers. If you’re an avid mobile gamer and want to experience the best possible 5G gaming experience, we would recommend joining Rogers. Fortunately, Planhub makes it incredibly easy to compare and contrast the country’s cheapest and fastest mobile plans, ensuring you can find the perfect one and start gaming ASAP!

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