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The Easiest Way To Save Even More on Your Monthly Phone Plan

If you’re reading this and are already a user of PlanHub’s platform, then you probably know that Canadians pay one of the highest phone rate charges in the developed world. In this article we will show you the easiest way to save even more on your monthly phone plan


Cheap plans – yes… but what else?

But apart from plans, the high cost also has another component. The phones themselves! With each passing year, the best devices on the market become more and more expensive and carriers ‘subsidize’ it by tagging the tabs for the latest phones to their most expensive plans. And you are stuck paying this rate for the entire two years of the contract.

So how do you get around this trap? By bringing your own device. That gives you a lot of bargaining power since you don’t need a two year contract and can therefore switch providers and plans at will – whenever you find a better offer! Your ability to walk away keeps the carriers honest, and ensures that you’re getting their best prices.


Why not BYOD?

So why don’t more customers get their own phones and retake power from their carriers?

Because that would mean continuing to rely on your old and outdated phone or buy a new, very expensive, device outright! You could buy used, of course – but until now, that has meant shady deals in the back of a provigo parking lot with that bearded, shifty-eyed guy you connected with on Craigslist. What were the chances that the device would even work one day after you handed over your hard-earned cash to him?

In other words, if anything should go wrong with the phone, you’ll be on your own.


But no more!

logo orchard

This is exactly where a company like Orchard comes in. They have a wide selection of quality used iPhones and Samsung devices at as-good-as-Kijiji prices.

What’s more, the fine folks over at Orchard thoroughly test each phone they have for sale, and have a free 30-day return policy, and a lifetime blacklist guarantee (the blacklist is about as scary as it sounds). That means, that unlike that bearded, shifty-eyed guy at the back of the provigo parking lot, you can count on Orchard to stand behind their devices.


Not just for off-contract

And Orchard can help not just when you want to go off contract, but also if you’re still on your contract but unfortunately, have broken or lost your phone. Just buy a high quality, used phone on Orchard and avoid the hefty cancellation fees and signing into a new two year contract.

So if you’re tired of paying high monthly fees for your cell service, go get a phone from Orchard, find the best BYOD plans on PlanHub and retake control from the carriers!

PS –  one last money-saving tip: if you’ve already signed a contract, be aware of when your phone is fully paid off. Once this two year period is up, most carriers will switch you to a month-to-month contract, but won’t drop your monthly bill unless you specifically ask!

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