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The advantages of Fido mobile plans

Fido is a Canadian mobile service provider founded in 1996. Their nationwide network covers 97% of Canadians, making the brand a popular choice for consumers from coast to coast. The carrier offers a range of value-packed plans at different price points to suit any need and budget. Below you’ll find a quick overview of Fido’s many advantages on plans with a monthly bill.

Get 5 Extra Hours of Unlimited Data

Fido exclusively offers its customers 5 Extra Hours of Data every month at no extra cost, on all voice and data plans. That’s 5 hours of unlimited data—enough to stream your favourite playlists when you’re out and about! The data boost is accessible from the Fido app at the tap of a button or a shake of the phone.

Worry-free usage  

With Fido’s Data Overage Protection, going over is over—say goodbye to surprise data overages for good. When you reach your data limit, your data use automatically pauses to avoid overage bills. If you want more data, topping up with Fido is easy.

A variety of budget-friendly plans

This summer, Fido offers great deals on a variety of voice and data plans with multiple add-on options. Whether you’re bringing your own phone or need a new one, the provider has plans ranging from 250 MB to 15 GB of data. And if you activate online, Fido offers even more savings, such as waiving the $45 Setup Service Fee.

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