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Best Back to School Phone Plans for Students (2021)

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As students across the country gear up to get back to school, one question hangs over their heads: Which phone should I get for the new year? Fortunately, most Canadian providers offer back to school promotions throughout August and September. If you’re interested in a more general list, make sure to check out our list of 2021’s best back to school plans. For this list, we’re focusing on plans primarily targeted towards students. These deals are great for university students on a budget, or younger students in search of their first smartphone. Without further ado, here are our selections for the best back to school phone plans for students.



Fido’s back to school plans are great for students seeking their first smartphone. Fido boasts extensive nationwide coverage, monthly data boosts, and no overage charges. If you want to experience a premium device, certain Fido locations offer deals on the iPhone 11. Enjoy a $0 down payment on it, or save on a pair of accompanying AirPods. We’d recommend Fido’s deals for younger students who are in need of their first smartphone, or a serious upgrade.



Costco isn’t a service provider, but they do offer some great deals on unlocked cell phones. If you have a Costco members card, you can save over $100 on certain premium models. Additionally, shopping for a phone through Costco gives you more of a choice regarding your phone plan. You could take the phone to any provider you like, and purchase a bring-your-own-phone plan that matches your needs. Alternatively, several Costco branches include kiosks of major providers, all of which will be more than willing to sell you an appropriate plan. So, Costco is a great choice for students that want to save on a cell phone and choose the perfect plan for you.



As one of the country’s most used and trusted providers, Rogers is no stranger to seasonal promotions. They are currently offering a significant number of back to school deals that students should definitely look into. If you already have family members with Rogers, adding a new member to a joint unlimited data plan will only cost $45 a month. Additionally, if you’re in need of an iPhone upgrade, you can save big by trading in an older model for an iPhone 12. There are truly too many deals to list all at once. We recommend visiting the website, as Rogers offers some of the best back to school phone plans for students.


Best Buy

Again, Best Buy is not a service provider, but their back to school deals are too good to be ignored. Customers can purchase premium devices upfront or pay them off at a monthly rate, the choice is yours. Further, if you trade in an old device when activating a new phone, you can earn up to $100 worth of credit. Best Buy offers great deals for students due to their diverse selection of phones and accessories. If you know exactly what kind of phone you want for the upcoming school season, Best Buy probably has it for you.



Students have had it rough this past year. Before entering a year of a (hopefully) normal educational experience, make sure you’re well equipped. Our list of providers and stores offer some of the best back to school phone plans for students. Regardless of your academic level, we hope you find something that helps you save big. Finally, if you think we missed out on any important back to school deals, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment!



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