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Fido Perks – Explaining Fido’s Thumbs up Notes on PlanHub

If you’ve ever conducted a search for a Mobile or Internet plan on PlanHub, then you are unlikely to have missed the thumbs up notes that some of our plans have. Here’s an example: In fact, Fido happens to have the most number of thumbs-up notes on PlanHub compared to any other provider! And now […]

Device Financing Plans: CRTC suspends all 36 month plans

Article Updated August 31st 2019: The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has officially launched its review of all wireless device financing plans, specifically plans longer than 24 months. Providers such as Iristel, Bell Canada, Rogers and TELUS all have recently launched 36-month device financing plans recently and may have violated the Wireless Code. The […]

PlanHub Launches Its Free Personalized Alerts for Residential Internet

Montreal, June 28, 2019 – PlanHub is launching its personalized alerts for residential Internet just in time for the summer moving period, the perfect time to make the most of the many discounts Internet service providers are offering. Thanks to this new system, registered consumers get an email alert the instant a great Internet plan matching […]