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Fido Perks – Explaining Fido’s Thumbs up Notes on PlanHub

If you’ve ever conducted a search for a Mobile or Internet plan on PlanHub, then you are unlikely to have missed the thumbs up notes that some of our plans have. Here’s an example: In fact, Fido happens to have the most number of thumbs-up notes on PlanHub compared to any other provider! And now […]

HAVE YOUR SAY: CRTC investigation into unethical sales practices of Canada’s largest telecos

As you may already know, on July 16 of this year, CRTC finally launched an investigation into the unethical, aggressive and potentially misleading retail sales practices of some of Canada’s largest Telecos. This comes after CBC’s Go Public pursued a story last and received over 200 reports from employees and over 800 complaints from customers […]

Virgin mobile vs Koodo vs Fido

It’s not easy choosing a provider. In our previous articles, we listed the best wireless offers of the moment. But when the prices are identical, what differentiates one provider from another? You asked the question and we will answer you through this article by comparing the providers Virgin mobile, Koodo and Fido. They are all […]