S9 and S9+ will be on sale soon !

It was during the “Mobile World Congress” which took place in Barcelona from February 26th to March 1st, 2018 that Samsung revealed it’s two most awaited new products.
Will the S9 and S9 + be able to sway users from the iPhone X?

It is true that the design remains rather identical that of the S8. They did introduce however new functionalities that are going to please more then a few.

Let’s begin with the quality of the camera : a new and improved camera was put in, allowing users to take clear pictures in very low brightness. It does so by taking 12 photos simultaneously and putting them together to form a net picture. It also uses a 12 & 8 megapixels double objective frontal camera. Also newly added will be the possibility to film a video with in super slow motion. Yes, this function was already present in the S8 but this time it captures 960 images per second.

Icing on the cake, capacities of virtual reality for the creation of emojis will also be found. The function is called AR EMOJI, and it allows a user to take a selfie and transform it into his or her own individual emoji. The camera can follow the face of a person and mimic their facial expression on the numerical version of themselves.
AR EMOJI competes wit the iPhone X’s “Animoji” functionality. They are animated characters that imitate the face of a person when they move it.
Samsung’s offer differs because it allows the person to create a emoji version of themselves.

Samsung offers two dimensions, 5.9 inch for S9 and 6.2 inch for S9 +. The general sale date announced by Samsung is on March 16th, 2018, so the fans will still have to wait a bit. For the most impatient, it is possible to pre-order it on Internet since March 2nd, 2018.
And what about you? Are you going to be part of the team S9 or S9 +?

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