Virgin Mobile take the lead in front of Koodo : best customer service

To stand out, beyond the price, the concern and attentions of the providers for their customers is today, after the price a major competitive advantage.

The average customer satisfaction rate for the cellular package market is 74.6%.

According to a report by J.D. Power, Canadians are increasingly turning to online tools to solve their problems with their wireless provider.

Provider satisfaction rate in ascending order :

Podium :

  • Virgin mobile: 80.1%
  • Koodo Mobile: 79.6%
  • Videotron: 78.9%

Other providers :

  • SaskTel: 78.0%
  • Telus: 76.9%
  • Freedom Mobile: 75.7%
  • Fido: 75.4%
  • Bell: 72.3%
  • Rogers: 71.3%


We can also retain 3 points of this investigation:

In-store service is improving :

Although customer service improved from 2016 onward, in-store customer service improved by 18 points. This is the biggest increase.

Customer service a key selection criterion for customers :

40% of customers say they have chosen their cellular provider for the recognition of their customer service. This is the second selection criterion after the price in the first position, and before the options proposed in the third criterion.

The Time constraint :

customer satisfaction is 83.7% when it takes less than 5 minutes to solve a problem, as against 69.3% when the time exceeds 10 minutes to arrive at a resolution of the problem. On the Web channel, customer satisfaction is also affected by about 10%, when the customer needs to see more than 3 pages to solve his problem.

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