iphone6 price around world 2015

Where to get the cheapest iPhone?

Answer: in Canada!

Indeed! According to a WebpageFx study on the cost of the iPhone 6 around the world, the iPhones are cheaper in Canada. They cost $ 647.20 USD, or approximately $ 857 CAD, a better deal than in the USA where the average price is $ 649 USD ( $860 ). You can find links to complete information below.

Which cell-phone carrier offers the best price for the iPhone though?
Planhub gives you the answer! By selecting the right province on the home page, you will find the carrier that offers the cheapest iPhone 6 around you. As we are not selective we tried it with the Nexus 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, the S6 Edge and other cells you might like.
Here are the links for you to find the cheapest phones in Canada:

Then, to find the best-suited mobile plan for you, you know what to do 😉

Cost of iPhone 6 around the world

Cost of iPhone 6 around the world

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