The best cell phone plan in Toronto

The best cell phone plan in Toronto

Have you found it impossible to find the best cell phone plan for you in Toronto? Now, it’s possible!  And in just a few seconds too! Read on…

To help you find the best cell phone plan for your needs, we categorised our results to suit 3 kinds of customer profiles so that each one of our readers can find the cellular plans that suits them best. For more plans and combinations, find us on


The most economical plan in Toronto

For those of us for whom the most important use of a phone is the calling and texting, we recommend Public Mobile’s $20 per 30 days plan (in prepaid mode) with unlimited calls within the province.


Plan “No Data – Unlimited International Text – Province-wide calling | 0MB | Unlimited Calls”

  • Voice: Illimité
  • Data: 0 Mo
  • Price: $20 / 30 days, prepaid

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The Best Call + Data Plans in Toronto

Do you call mainly within the Toronto local area but would prefer a plan with calling + data? In that case, we recommend, Public Mobile’s 40$ plan with 5 GB of data and unlimited Canada-wide calls.


Plan “5GB | Unlimited Canada-wide talk”

  • Voice: Unlimited
  • Data: 5 Go
  • Price: $40 /30 days prepaid

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The best mobile plan to say connected at all times

If you are a data hound and watch films on your phone or play online games or are always connected to social media but also need unlimited canada-wide calling, we recommend Public Mobile,Freedom Mobile or Virgin’s plan which offers 8 GB of data and unlimited Canada wide calling from only 50$ per month.


Plan “Unlimited Calls + 8.5 GB”

  • Voice: Unlimited
  • Data: 8.5 GB
  • Price: $50 / 30 days, prepaid


Freedom mobile

Plan “Unlimited calls + 10GB”

  • Voice: Unlimited
  • Data: 10GB
  • Price: $60 / month


Virgin Mobile

Plan “Unlimited calls + 8GB”

  • Voice: Unlimited
  • Data: 8GB
  • Price: $65 / month


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