The best cell phone plan in Edmonton

Do you find yourself getting exasperated at how expensive cell phone plans are each time you set out to search for one? Too many of us spend far too much time and effort to search for a cellphone plan and yet are never sure if we have found the best plan for our needs for the best price. This is normal with the large number of suppliers who each offer a broad range of plans not to mention that the rates also change constantly. This is where PlanHub comes in! We compare all available plans and rates to find you the best plan for your needs at the best rates possible. And today, to save you time and money, we have listed for you the best plans currently available in Edmonton

We know that cell phone usage needs are different for each of us. So, to help you find the plan best for you, we have optimised our results for three different profiles of consumers.

  • The eco plan : For those who wish to have the basic minimum i.e. those who use their phone mainly to make calls and to send messages
  • The average user plan: For those who need some data (2 or 3 GB) in addition to unlimited calls and texts.
  • The intensive user plan: For those who need to always be connected online, and want choose 6 to 8 GB of data. You can benefit from the NO-CLAIMS BONUS data being offered right now!

The best Eco plan

It is a simple plan. Make calls for only 20$ per month. Public Mobile’s “Ready-Made – No Data , No Text – Unlimited Province-wide calling” plan is the best plan in this category at the moment.


Plan “Ready-Made Plan – No Data – No Text – Province-wide calling | 0MB | Unlimited Calls”

  • Voice: Unlimited
  • Data: 0 Mo
  • Price: $20 / per 30 days, prepaid

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The average user plan

Do you use mobile data for all the normal purposes? Such as – to send e-mails, to go on Facebook, instagram or Twitter etc? Freedom Mobile’s “Home 2GB with Digital Discount” plan offers not only unlimited calls but also 2 GB of data for only $40 per month!

Freedom mobile

Plan”Home 2GB with Digital Discount | Unlimited Canada-wide talk”

  • Voice: Unlimited
  • Data: 2 GB
  • Price: $40 /month

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The intensive user plan

Do you like to be connected online at all times? Do you stream music or watch movies and TV series on your phone on your morning commute? Then right now, Freedom Mobile’s “Big Gig + Talk 5GB + 3GB Bonus with Digital Discount” offer of the moment is the plan for you.

Freedom mobile

Plan “Big Gig + Talk 5GB + 3GB Bonus with Digital Discount | Unlimited Canada Wide calling”

  • Voice: Unlimited
  • Data: 8 GB
  • Price: $50 / month

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