Find the best cell phone plans for teenagers Canada with our simple guide

Best cell phone plans for teenager Canada

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Like every teenager, I remember the day I went to ask my parents for my first cellphone. A teenager’s entry into the digital world can be a confusing time for parents. Is this a good moment or is it too soon? Are they too young? And if not, what are the best cell phone plans for teenager Canada has to offer?

It is a fact that today, the use of cellphones has become almost ubiquitous. The figures are rather astonishing, in Canada, two teenagers out of three have a cellphone, and according to a study carried out by HabiloMédias, a child’s first cell phone is bought in their 4th year of primary education!

From the point of view of the parents, a cellphone is first and foremost a safety device. The ability to keep in touch with an increasingly independent child. From the point of view of the teenager, it is fashion statement that has quickly become a necessity.
In this article, we will help you with tips and current offers to aid in your search for the first device and phone/internet plans for your teenager.

#1 – Mobile packages for teens – where to look

Before buying a device or a cell phone plan, the budget should be determined. To find mobile packages for teens at a good price can seem impossible – unless you know where to look to find the best offers of the moment, and to compare the plans with or without the purchase of new device. Many suppliers offer accessible plans for the purchase of a device.

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#2 – What is the best phone plan for a teenager?

So, what is the best phone plan for a teenager? This depends on what the teenager tends to use the most.  As you would probably have guessed, text messages what teenagers use most and thus, our advice for you is to choose plans offering unlimited text messages.

An optimal choice of the data is essential, because excess data can be expensive. For data, some suppliers offer special “student” discount at very competitive prices, and some others such as Videotron, Koodo or Fido are currently offering bonus data. On the other hand, combining all your family’s cellphone plans with one provider can also result in substantial savings. Look into “Family Packages” available with several suppliers.

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#3 – Good to know !

What happens when your teenager breaks his mobile? Or worse still, loses it? Did you know that many credit cards offer free cellphone insurance to take into account the accidental loss, theft or damage of protected cellphones?

Further, accessories like a protective film over the screen, or a case will allow for a better resistance in the event of a fall.
Looking for a used cell phone at a good price? Find all the best ads on #cellular a vendre! #(quebec) #Planhub. Finally, if you’re looking for a back to school plan for your teenager, read through our list of the best back to school plans for students.

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