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Best Coffee Shops to Work or Study at in Montreal

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Over the past two years, Canadians have grown accustomed to working from home. Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced us indoors, more and more of us have realized the importance of a stable internet connection. Students and workers need fast download speeds if they want to enjoy fast-paced research, regular video calls and streaming services to unwind at the end of the day. Fortunately, customers can easily sign up for some of the best internet plans in Canada for their homes. However, it’s very easy to experience cabin fever and crave some fresh air or a change of scenery. As a result, coffee shops with strong WiFi have been a great spot for Canadians seeking to get some work done outside their homes. Throughout this post, we’ll introduce some of the best coffee shops to work or study at in Montreal.


Café Olimpico (Mile End/Old Port/Downtown)

Café Olimpico provides a bustling environment with exceptional coffee and a celebration of Italian culture. If you’re a fan of FIFA or any local sport, Olimpico is a great spot to watch a game together. Locals fill up the shop to cheer on their favorite team rain or shine. During the day, Olimpico is a great place to work at if you enjoy being surrounded by an exciting crowd. However, it also provides a quiet and calm environment every night. While the downtown location closes at 6PM, the Old Port and Mile End ones stay open until 10PM and 11PM respectively. If you want a coffee spot with an energetic environment you can work at until the wee hours, Café Olimpico could be perfect for you.

Check out their internet speed score*

Olimpico - Internet speed test score
*Can change over the time

Milton B (McGill Ghetto)

If you’re a student at McGill or Concordia, Milton B is an ideal study spot. Located near McGill campus and easily accessible by bus, tons of students choose Milton B as their study/hang out spot every day. In addition to various drinks, customers can also enjoy snacks, pastries, meals and desserts. Of course, Milton B’s biggest plus is that it stays open 24/7. If you’re someone that tends to burn the midnight oil and pull all nighters while studying or working, Milton B could provide a great environment for you, they offer free WIFI with a great internet speed: 

Milton B internet speed tests score by PlamHub

Station W (Verdun/Rosemont)

Station W is a new and trendy coffee shop offering great ambiance, food and coffee. While their specialty is grilled cheese, customers can choose from a number of brunch options, sweets and salads. No matter what time of day it is, you’ll definitely be able to get tons of work done. Station W has one location in Verdun, and another in Rosemont. In the spring/summer, we recommend hanging out on their patio and enjoying the fresh air while getting some work done with a fresh cup of coffee.
They have a great & free internet connection, perfect to work or study:
Station W - internet speed test score

Mamie Clafoutis Van Horne (Outremont)

Mamie Clafoutis is a beloved bakery chain with over five locations across Montreal. Their cookies, cakes and vegan options are renowned all over the city. While most locations are take out only, some offer outdoor seating. However, the Van Horne location includes an upstairs area with seating, couches and a piano. Ascending the stairs feels like entering an entirely new environment. The relaxing vibe is great for reading, studying or getting some work done.
This is the last speed test we conducted there: 

 Mami clafoutis - Internet Speed test score

Myriade (Le Plateau)

Myriade is a trendy coffee shop which prioritizes exceptional beverages and a relaxing atmosphere. With locations across the city, you can choose from five different spots to work or study at. Their menu offers a number of alternative milks and gluten free pastries, making it a great spot if you have dietary restrictions. Myriade’s Plateau location is an ideal working spot, and a great place for meetings. Located on St Denis, its relaxing lighting and comfortable tables will help you relax and stay focused. During the summer, we suggest sitting outdoors. Nothing beats fresh air, sunlight and a fresh cup of coffee!

Here are our speed test results there below:

Myriade - Internet Speed test score


Anticafé (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve)

Anticafé is a popular chain that offers spaces for groups. In addition to providing a perfect ambiance to hang out with friends, it’s also great for co-working and collaboration. If you’re looking for a spot to sip on your favorite coffee while sharing delish snacks with your coworkers, Anticafé is the place to be! Their Hochelaga-Maisonneuve also accepts antique furniture donations. The coffee is filled with gorgeous furniture seeking a new home, which could be yours! Anticafé is sure to give you a unique experience. What’s more to this coffee  is that you can rent a space to work and relish unlimited beverages!

Here’s a quick look at their current prices to rent a spot :

  • 1st hour: $5.00
  • 2nd hour: $3.00
  • 3rd hour: $2.00
  • 4th hour: $2.00
  • 5th hour: $2 (Maximum of $14.99 for the day!)

We highly recommend visiting this coffee if you like working in a group, would like to potentially donate some pre-loved furniture or simply pick up a few cheap vinyl records. Sounds about perfect, right? Thought as much.

They have the best internet’s speed from the coffee we reviewed so far:

Anticafe - Internet Speed test score


Montreal has no shortage of coffee shops. With so many great options, you’re sure to find dozens of options near your home. If we decided to highlight all the greatest coffee shops in Montreal, this article would be over a hundred pages long! Fortunately, all Canadians can keep track of their local cafes with Th3rdwave, a free app and website. Th3rdwave lists details about coffee shops near you, lets you order in advance and even allows you to partake in exclusive rewards. If you want to discover new study/work spots while supporting local businesses, this is a perfect app for you!


If you end up spending all your time at coffee shops because your home WiFi is lacking, we can help you find a better plan in no time. Using PlanHub’s internet service is a simple process that only takes a few clicks.

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