PlanHub alerts you of the best cellular package deals

Do not be fooled! PlanHub alerts you of the best cellular package deals

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PlanHub is an innovative search engine offering the easiest way to compare mobile and internet plans in Canada. Access a selection of the best plans for your needs in only a few seconds. Our platform is constantly updated and guarantees the best prices and deals on the market. Our alert system keeps you informed on the best deals and will notify you of the best moment to make a purchase or if it’s advisable to wait for better prices. This way you can save time and money.

You never want to overpay your package for what it is?

Sign up for our alerts is a free and easy service that allows you to receive email notifications about all new offers that match your needs. To benefit from the best rates, indicate your criteria and options that correspond to your needs and be regularly informed of the best prices.


To create an alert:

(click on the image below or on the following link)

PlanHub alerts you of the best cellular package deals


Go to a homepage or on the bottom of the search, click on the link enter your email address and click on “Send”.

Enter your criteria and preferences options so that we can send you the offers that match you.

Trust us ! we advise you on the best package of the moment that fits your needs.


As a reminder, since December 1st, the law obliges cellular operators to no longer ask for financial compensation to stop your subscription.


To unsubscribe from the alert, click the cancel link.


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