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For decades, Rogers has been one of the country’s most respected telecom companies. In 2004, they purchased Fido and introduced it as their subsidiary brand. Fido was meant to operate under the Rogers umbrella and offer a wider range of mobile plans using their nationwide infrastructure. While Fido focuses on accessible mobile plans for the masses, Rogers offers a variety of telecom services geared towards higher-end customers and businesses. So, although the two brands have a lot of differences, they also share a lot in common. If you’ve ever been confused about the relationship between these two companies, don’t worry. We’ll answer all the most common Fido vs Rogers questions right here in this post!

Rogers vs Fido Signal Strength

First and foremost, the Rogers vs Fido signal strength. Fortunately, both carriers use the same network, so users should experience identical signal strengths. For example, let’s say one Fido customer and one Rogers customer get lost in the middle of rural Canada. They should both have the same amount of signal bars when they pull out their phones. Also, both users should be able to access Rogers’ LTE mobile network if they are within range. Both customers should also be able to access Rogers’ expansive 5G network if they own 5G cell phones. Essentially, whatever one customer has access to, the other one will too. 

Fido Reception vs Rogers

If you’re a Fido customer, your network experience should be identical to a Rogers user. There’s no reason for Fido reception vs Rogers to differ at all! If you start to notice a discrepancy, try getting in touch with your provider. It’s possible that your phone could be underperforming, and you may need to replace it. Either way, it should have nothing to do with your provider or personal phone plan. 

Fido vs Rogers Coverage

Fortunately, Fido vs Rogers coverage is also identical. With one of the widest mobile networks in the country, Rogers’ services supposedly reach 96% of all Canadians. So, that means Fido’s network also reaches 96% of Canadians! Still, even if their coverage is extensive within Canada, Rogers’s network is not available outside the country. If you plan on travelling, make sure to prepare in advance so you don’t end up facing roaming charges! To get a better idea of Rogers and Fido’s national coverage, make sure to use their interactive coverage map


Overall, both Rogers and Fido are popular providers for a reason. Their decades of experience, dedication to customer service and huge network coverage have garnered them very positive reputations among Canadians. If you’re interested in joining Rogers or Fido, PlanHub is here to help. Our mobile plan searching tool can help you find these providers’ greatest, most affordable phone plans in just a few seconds.

All you need to do is answer a few basic questions, and we’ll take care of the rest! Our website will search the internet and pull up the best plans that match your personal preferences. From there, all you need to do is navigate through them and choose one you like best! 

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