Fido’s Holideals are back

This holiday season, Fido is offering great  deals on plans and some of the latest phones – phones you may be surprised to  get a deal  on. And if you activate online,  Fido will offer even more savings, such as  waiving the $50 Setup Service Fee.

Get on a great 4G LTE network

Fido’s nationwide network covers 97% of  Canadians, making the brand a popular choice for consumers from coast to coast.  With 4G LTE, it’s fast enough for almost  everything you might use your phone for, including video calls and streaming.

Get 5 Extra Hours of Unlimited Data

Fido exclusively offers its customers 5 Extra Hours of Unlimited Data every month at no extra cost, available with Data, Talk & Text plans. That’s 5 hours of using as much data  as you like, without it counting towards your  plan limits – great for streaming video  reviews while you’re out holiday shopping.

For more information, we suggest you visit and check out Fido’s Holideals for yourself.

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