Fortnite’s return to iOS in 2023

(This is a translation of an original PlanHub article)

Despite being banned from the App Store, Fortnite should be able to return to iOS in an alternative store.

Image Credit: Epic Games

On Twitter, the head of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, just announced the return of Fortnite on iOS in 2023. Banned since 2020 for opposing the 30% tax that Apple levies on each app and transaction made in them, Fortnite will take advantage of the recent European decision to force Apple to allow alternative app stores.

For now, no date has been announced, but it’s normal, Fortnite now depends on the launch of these famous new stores that will compete with the Apple App Store.

Availability in North America?

However, it is difficult to know if this return will concern Canada. The European Court’s decision only concerns Europe. Apple could therefore be tempted to apply this decision only in this territory.

Epic Games may have filed a lawsuit in the United States to oppose Apple’s 30% tax, but American judges have been less open than Europe on this issue.

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