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How to Increase Your Internet Speed

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Having a stable internet connection has become absolutely essential over the last couple of decades. Canadians depend on the internet for regular communication and entertainment. For millions of Canadians, our jobs function entirely online. As a result, having latency issues can completely ruin your day. We end up spending thousands of dollars per year on the fastest internet plans, only to experience stuttering during video calls and painfully long downloads. Even if your internet plan is supposed to perform at a certain speed, there could be certain factors holding it back. In this post, we’ll introduce a few strategies to help you unlock your plan’s potential and increase your internet speed. 


Internet Speed Test

Before anything else, we recommend conducting an internet speed test. This way, you’ll be able to get down to the root of the problem. For example, if your plan has a download speed of 100Mbps, our speed test will reveal whether your internet is actually performing at 100Mbps. If it is performing as promised, you may need a faster internet plan. Luckily, PlanHub’s internet plan searching tool can match you with one in a few short minutes. However, if the speed test reveals that your internet is performing slower than promised, you can try the following methods to improve its performance:


Briefly Unplug Your Router

This is the oldest trick in the book. As silly as it seems, sometimes unplugging and plugging back in can go a long way. If your WiFi is acting unusually slow, consider giving it a reset before trying anything else. Sometimes, all it needs is a quick refresh to get back to normal!

Ethernet Cable

The simplest way to improve your internet speed is with an ethernet cable. These cables can be hooked up directly between your router and computer or laptop. Wired connections ensure that you are always getting the fastest connection possible, without any interruptions like WiFi. Ethernet cables are very cheap and can be incredibly long, ensuring that you can connect your device even when it’s far from your router. If you’re looking to increase your internet speed, buying an ethernet cable should be your first step.


If you find that your ethernet connection isn’t performing as fast as it should be, don’t worry. We definitely recommend switching to a shorter cable if it’s possible. In addition to taking up less space, shortening your ethernet cable length allows for a speedier connection.

Close Unnecessary Programs

If you want to stick with a wireless connection and improve your internet speed, there are still a number of helpful strategies. One classic solution is to close every unnecessary program that is using the internet. If you have multiple browser tabs open, close them. If you have a gaming console that is connected to the internet, shut it off. Repeat this process for all your wireless devices except for the one you truly need at the moment. This way, your WiFi will focus entirely on your device, rather than being split up across multiple devices. 



This may seem silly, but your position to the router can greatly influence your device’s performance. If you tend to always work on your computer while your router is on the other side of the house, try repositioning. Set up your computer right next to your router or vice versa and see if you notice a difference.


Boost Your Router’s Signal Strength

Finally, if you want your router to be stronger, there are a few ways to boost its signal. One of the easiest and most reliable methods is purchasing an external antenna. These antennas attach directly to your router and significantly improve their range. With an antenna, you can enjoy a speedy wireless connection no matter how far you are from your router. 



With so many different ways to increase your internet speed, we hope you never have to get frustrated again. Canadians deserve affordable internet with uninterrupted speeds. Whether you depend on your internet for work or entertainment, no one deserves to experience latency issues. We hope that one of (or more) of these strategies helped you out, and allowed you to enjoy your internet plan to the fullest!

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