Internet plan: PlanHub launches its new comparator

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PlanHub is an innovative search engine offering the easiest way to compare mobile and internet plans in Canada.

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We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new tool on PlanHub. After the mobile phone plan comparator, we are now launching an Internet plan comparator.

Are you planning to move? Are you nearing the end of your contract? Or do you want to renegotiate your terms?

With our new comparison tool, answer a few questions and we will suggest your ideal internet speed. We will list the best offers available at your location for your needs.

How does finding an internet plan work?

Go to the “Internet” menu located in the navigation menu of the site. From this page you can launch a quizz. This will allow you to find the ideal offer in a few questions.

As with the cellular plan, you can also find the reviews of other customers on the various access providers. Everything is available in the results page at a glance.

PlanHub Internet Plan
PlanHub Internet Plan

In a few seconds, compare the total prices offered! Break down the related costs: monthly fees, initial cost, in order to find the offer that best suits you.

With this new PlanHub comparison tool, we hope to take one less stress out of your future move!

About PlanHub

PlanHub helps Canadian customers every day to find the best packages for their needs, at the right price. The comparators are completely free. They allow you to search for mobile phone and internet plans in Canada.

Updated regularly, the database helps consumers make a wise choice by comparing offers according to their real needs. PlanHub is here to make your life easier and to save you time and money!


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