A person sits down and uses their S Pen stylus on a Galaxy Note cell phone, a scene that could become less common with Samsung getting rid of the Note line.

Is Samsung Getting Rid of the Note Line?

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Just like Apple, Samsung is a cell phone manufacturer that needs no introduction. For the past decade, they have produced some of the world’s most beloved and innovative smartphones. They currently release four lines of Galaxy phones: Galaxy Z (foldable phones), Galaxy S (flagship smartphones), Galaxy Note (larger screens with S Pen Support) and Galaxy A (budget phones). Despite all four lines selling well, rumours started to circulate about Samsung concluding the Note line, and focusing on the other three instead. So is Samsung Getting Rid of the Note Line?

Fans have been discussing whether or not Samsung will get rid of the Note line. After weeks of speculation, the rumour was put to rest as Samsung announced the termination of the Note line. To the dismay of hardcore fans, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G will be Samsung’s final Note smartphone. In this post, we’ll discuss possible reasons for this decision, as well as what the future of Samsung’s Galaxy line could have in store.

Samsung Note Line Ending – Why?

Samsung sold over three million Galaxy Note 20 Ultra phones this past year. It was universally acclaimed with users celebrating its battery life, impressive camera, S Pen support and more. So, why is the Samsung Note line ending?  For years, the Note’s larger size and stylus support was aimed at users interested in productivity and multitasking. But over the years with Galaxy phones increasing in size (especially the Ultra phones) and the addition of new foldable devices, which pack even bigger screens into a small or regular sized package, it could be argued that the Note doesn’t have much of a niche of its own within the Samsung lineup. We even see rumours that that the upcoming Galaxy S22 Ultra will offer S Pen support with a built-in storage compartment for the stylus. And of course that will complete Samsung’s cannibalization of its Note lineup. 

Galaxy Note Line Discontinued – A Silver Lining?

With the Galaxy Note line discontinued, fans of the Note series of phones have reason to take heart. There is a silver lining

  • First of all, there is reason to believe that S Pen support will come to more Galaxy devices
  • With Apple reportedly introducing ‘repair it yourself’ features on future flagships, there is hope that Future Galaxy S phones will reintroduce acclaimed Note features like removable battery and edge display
  • Other Samsung phones (especially the Z Fold with stylus support) could potentially be better at multitasking and productivity features
  • And finally, with the recent addition of the FE models and the A series, the Samsung lineup was frankly getting a bit too cluttered and confusing. Let’s hope that the end of the Note line will usher in an era of streamlining of Samsung’s lineup and there will be less confusion for customers looking to choose among premium Samsung devices. 


But if you are the sort of Note fan for whom the prospect of the silver lining is no consolation, we sympathize. And in your honour, here are a few things that will never be the same without the Note. 

  •  S Pen support on other devices may feel forced. Can anything be as seamless as the S Pen with the Note?
  • More expensive Galaxy phones: The Galaxy S line basically now has an excuse to bump up its prices even more. Hurray, more expensive phones. Just what the doctor ordered! 

So, dear die-hard Note fan – go, run to get your hands on the Note 20 since there will never be another one! Get your hands on one before they’re gone for good!

Samsung Gets Rid of the Note Line – Conclusion

Overall, Samsung getting rid of the Note line is an interesting move. On one hand, it will upset loyal users that enjoy the Note’s large rectangular design and stylus support. On the other hand, it also signals an exciting future for upcoming Samsung phones, which will incorporate some of the Note’s most beloved features. 


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