It’s always easy to do business with EBOX!

EBOX is a down-to-earth provider that understands you. Here, we don’t try to sell you the biggest package or convince you that your needs are greater than they really are. EBOX offers affordable Internet, TV and home phone services without compromising the quality of your services. Our renowned customer service is known for its availability and human-centred approach. With EBOX, there are also no complicated contracts.

With over 25 years of experience, nearly 80,000 customers and 200 employees, EBOX is a provider you can trust. Simply put, EBOX’s belief is that you deserve the best, without breaking the bank!

High-performance Internet plans that meet your expectations

Whether your usage is modest or ultra voracious, EBOX has a plan for you! Whether you choose a smaller speed or lightning speed, all our plans offer unlimited data. Life’s too short to worry about data caps, right? EBOX Internet is hosted on a reliable infrastructure and a high-performance network, all for a very reasonable price. Pretty hard to resist, if we do say so ourselves… Check out our plans!

A $25 credit for you and friends you refer, now that’s rewarding!

With EBOX, you get rewards! When you share your client code, you give a one-time $25 credit to each person you refer AND we grant you $25 credit for each friend who subscribes! The EBOX referral program is win-win! Learn more

EBOX: recommended by Protégez-Vous

Since 2017, EBOX is one of the telecom providers that offer some of the best services according to Protégez-Vous. The survey reveals that consumers consider that EBOX stands out for the exceptional courtesy of our staff, our very affordable plans, the superior quality of our services and the clearness and transparency of our contracts and invoicing.

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