Fizz le meilleur fournisseur?

Looking for the best provider? Why not Fizz?

Fizz stands out since 2018 as a mobile and Internet provider thanks to competitive pricing, colorful advertising, a simple and effective business model, as well as a 100% online experience. What’s the secret of Fizz’s success?  A unique strategy based on four values that benefit members. Here are just a few examples.  


Who hasn’t been surprised by a slightly (much) higher-than-usual payment for their mobile bill? A few culprits come to mind, such as roaming charges, exceeded data limits or the end of a contract. In comes Fizz with plans where the price you see is the price you pay.(1)

And, because Fizz is just so neat, you get to keep your plan (and its price) for as long as you like. No end date.(2) The same goes for your unused data, which automatically rolls over to the next month.(2)

No more price hikes, no more wasted data.(1,2) Say hello to sweet deals and savings.  


Promotions also have a way of making us jump for joy, or climb the walls. We all have an uncle who likes to gloat that he always knows how to negotiate the best price. Well, not this time, dear uncle Bob. At Fizz, any member, new or existing, is entitled to any new offer that comes out for mobile and Home Internet plans.(3)  

Fizz customization  

In addition to great prices, Fizz members are also rewarded through the loyalty program, My Rewards. Hello dollars discounts and free mobile data. And if you’ve got more than one plan in your account, you’ll see your rewards come in at a much faster pace.(4,5) 


Generosity is a wonderful quality. So is helping others. Any Fizz member can give and receive data from another Fizz, whether that other member is family, a friend or even a complete stranger. No one likes to stress at the end of the month with their mobile data almost running dry. Knowing that you can count on a community to get you through, that’s worth a lot.   

Referrals also pay off at Fizz. By inviting a friend to join Fizz, you each receive a $25 referral bonus.(6) The more friends you invite, the more you can save. Friendship is always a win-win at Fizz. 

Fizz referrals


Spending hours in line at the store, or worse, on the phone, is not the ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Fortunately, everything is done online with Fizz. Members are 100% autonomous, and they can do everything directly from their account on Whether they want to change their plan, buy a new phone, or find out how to use their plan abroad, everything can be done online in just a few clicks.(3) 

What’s more, for the fifth year in a row, Fizz took first place in the Léger WOW digital study for the best online experience in the Canadian telecommunications sector.   

All in all, jumping over to Fizz make a whole lot of sense, whether it’s to take advantage of their mobile services, Home Internet, or why not both. 


(1) Applies to the base price of mobile plans identified as such. Excludes Add-ons, Travel Add-ons, out-of-plan charges and taxes. Certain conditions apply. Details at Fizz 

(2) During a payment cycle, the unused data from your mobile plan can be used within the two months following the end of that cycle. This excludes Add-Ons, gifted data and rewards included in the My Rewards program (without exception). You must have an active plan to use rolled over data. 

(3) Any changes to your plan must be made outside of the freeze period and in accordance with the plan change policy. Offers are subject to change without notice and Fizz cannot guarantee that the plan you are enjoying now will be available or offered under the same conditions in the future. 

(4) An active Fizz account is required. The conditions of the My Rewards program apply. 

(5) My Rewards upgrades are recurring upgrades applied every month once activated on your plan. You must have an active mobile plan to use a mobile data upgrade. 

(6) The referral bonus for the active Fizz member and the one for the new member will be automatically applied towards the monthly payment of their respective plan provided that both members have an active plan at the time the new member has accumulated two months of service. The amount of the referral bonus is non-refundable, non-transferable, and subject to change without notice. You must disclose that you will receive an incentive when referring your friend.

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