Mother’s Day: Here are some gift ideas

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This Mother’s Day, here are a few gifts that are sure to please her. From accessories to never drop your phone again, to headphones and watches to monitor her health, we hope you’ll find something to please her.  

Popsockets Popgrip

This accessory to hang on the back of the phone has an adjustable space to slide the index and middle finger. When talking, the phone is held firmly and it is impossible to drop it. It comes in handy when making calls on public transport or on the street to avoid dropping it at the slightest jostle.

Phone and tablet holder

If mom has switched to telecommuting, here’s a gift that will make her happy since she’ll be able to put her phone or tablet on it safely. No need to look for her phone or to look away from the screen, she will be able to check incoming messages at a glance. Its telescopic arm will be very practical to adjust according to the desired height compared to the supports equipped with a simple foot.

Apple Earpods

Compared to the wireless versions, EarPods provide good sound for a modest price. They come in two models, either equipped with a lightning plug or the other with a classic audio port.

  • Earpods with Lightning connection $25 at Amazon
  • Earpods with audio connection $25 at Amazon
  • Earpods Lighting 30.19$ at Best Buy

Surveillance camera

It is not the most advanced and fastest camera, but it does the job and allows you to watch your baby and even see his movements at night thanks to the night vision. Its definition of 1080p ensures a good image, and we can export the recorded videos.

JBL Go 3 waterproof speaker

Small price but a big sound for this discreet speaker that will easily fit in any pocket. Once charged, it will provide 5 hours of autonomy and is available in different colors.

Sony Bluetooth Travel Speaker SRS-XB13

Sony delivers here a simple speaker, without embellishment, but which does not forget to restore quality sound when it is requested. Of course, we will not be afraid to take it everywhere including in the bathroom or on the edge of the pool thanks to its waterproofing and it offers 16h of autonomy.

JBL Bluetooth waterproof transportable speaker Clip 4

Its handle makes it easy to take and hang anywhere, while its teardrop design makes it a pretty and original object. With an autonomy of 10 hours, it is not afraid of water or dust and will become an essential travel companion.

Google Nest Hub

Google’s voice assistant offers first of all a beautiful screen and a chic design that already makes it a beautiful object. In everyday life, it comes in handy for searching YouTube and displaying video recipes or playing the clips of your choice. And it will become indispensable when you ask it to edit your shopping list, do research or simply listen to the news.

Fitbit Inspire 3

This fitness monitor focuses on several really practical features to monitor your health. It allows you to monitor several parameters thanks to its heart rate and blood oxygenation sensor and also offers to monitor your sleep. It allows you to anticipate periods of stress and to act accordingly by going for a consultation.

Canon Selphy QX10 Portable Photo Printer

Whether mom is iOS or Android, this portable printer will prove to be very practical to print her photos in a few dozen seconds. Ultra-compact, it can print photos of 17.2cm by 17.2cm (2.7 inchesX2.7 inches) and is recharged by means of cartridges that contain ink and paper sold for $55 for 108 prints.

Sony SRS-XE200X Bluetooth speaker

Compared to its less expensive competitors, this Sony speaker stands out because of its long design that allows you to hide several speakers, but also a whole bass system. With its slim design, it comes with a strap that allows you to hang it anywhere and it is, of course, waterproof and dustproof. Take advantage of it, it’s currently on a $60 special!

Apple AirPods 3rd generation with Lightning case

Delivered in their charging case, these hands-free headphones from Apple easily fit the shape of the ear and provide a very good sound. With 6 hours of battery life, they’re perfect for everyday use, while the case makes it easy to charge them via MagSafe or Lightning, depending on the version you choose.

  • Apple AirPods with Lightning charging case $229 on Amazon
  • Apple AirPods with MagSafe charging case $229 on Amazon
  • Apple AirPods with Lightning charging case $230.19 at Best Buy
  • Apple AirPods with MagSafe charging case $230.19 at Best Buy

OnePlus Buds Pro 2