A messy bundle of chargers are stacked on a table, a problem that will be easily avoided with Motorola's new wireless charger.

Motorola’s New Wireless Charger: Space Charging

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The popular telecom company Motorola recently unveiled their newest wireless charger. Unlike recent wireless charging technology, Motorola’s new space charging feature can charge up to four devices simultaneously. Furthermore, the devices do not need to be placed directly on top of the charger, but within range of it. If Motorola’s new wireless charger truly works as advertised, it could be a highly influential piece of technology. Other companies may flock towards developing their own versions of space charging technology, introducing more competition within the industry. Regardless of what the future may hold, this recent announcement is highly exciting for tech fans. For the rest of the article, we’ll go over everything we know about space charging and what we can expect for the future.

Motorola’s New Wireless Charger: All the Details

Despite the miraculous features of space charging, it has some limitations. Fortunately, the new charger from Motorola is completely wireless. After setting up the device, phones must be placed at a 100 degree angle within no more than three metres of the charger. Once again, the charger can charge up to four devices at the same time. So, if you position four phones at the correct angle within range of the charger, they will all slowly begin to charge. The wireless charger uses 1600 antennas, which is capable of passing through thin materials like paper. In addition, charging will slow down if it detects any human bodies.


As of September 2021, no official announcement has been made regarding the device’s charging speed. However, there have been rumours and reports which speculate that it will use a 5W charging speed. Although wireless charging is much slower than wired charging, this is still a pretty slow speed by today’s standards. With this speed, most modern smartphones should expect a full charge to be completed in two and a half hours or even three hours depending on their battery size. However, we should reiterate that this is just mere speculation. Motorola has spent years working on this technology, which has continuously improved. The first prototypes of their space charging wireless charger only worked with phones within a range of one metre. Now, it works with phones up to three metres. With such a huge improvement in terms of range, it wouldn’t be surprising if their charging speed also improves drastically as they continue to work on it.

The Future of Space Charging: What Should We Expect?

If Motorola’s new wireless charger takes off, we could see a huge increase in space charging technology. Users will be attracted to it due to its convenience. Instead of keeping a phone plugged into a wall while it charges, users can easily check their devices while they charge. Furthermore, it would be highly plausible for this technology to take off if the charging speeds can improve significantly. Currently, wireless charging is failing to gain popularity due to the obvious discrepancy in speed when compared to wired charging. Wireless charging is solid if you need to charge your device overnight, but it doesn’t provide rapid speeds that can immediately charge your device in a pinch. While this is the highest hurdle wireless charging needs to mount in order to gain more traction, it is not impossible. If Motorola’s space charging debuts with ameliorated speed, it could mark a significant shift in the industry, as customers could start preferring wireless chargers rather than wired ones.


Overall, the announcement of Motorola’s new wireless charger is a very exciting moment for the industry. Space charging is impressive, and shows serious potential. If Motorola doesn’t introduce improved speeds, another company probably will. Once the technology catches up to wired charging, it could easily become the standard and replace it. Despite how you feel about wireless charging, one thing is certain: You need a decent phone to properly use it. The newer your device, the more synergy it will have with wireless charging technology. Fortunately, you can check out Planhub to compare deals on all the latest smartphones. As always, we’re curious to know what you think about this topic. Do you think space charging is the future of wireless charging? Will wireless charging ever catch up to wired charging, or will it stay as more of a novelty? Feel free to comment down below and share your opinion!



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