Samsung considers replacing Google with Bing

Microsoft’s AI has turned search upside down and Samsung would like to take advantage of it, at the expense of Google…

According to internal Google documents revealed by the New York Times, Samsung would seriously consider replacing Google with Bing as the default search engine for its phones.

It must be said that Microsoft’s AI is challenging not only traditional search but also Google. The latter has so far been unable to oppose an AI of the same level as Bing. Google’s AI Bard made several mistakes during its presentation and is unable to perform some of the tasks that Bing does, such as generating and correcting computer code.

Faced with Bard’s problems, Google is working on a new AI that should arrive in May, Magi. It remains to be seen if it will be convincing. Google pays 3 billion every 3 years to keep the research in Samsung phones and it is this year that Google must renegotiate its contracts. Samsung is not the only beneficiary, Apple gets 20 billion every 3 years from Google to make it its main engine in Safari. It is also thanks to Google that Firefox is kept alive with an estimated contribution of $400 to $450 million per year.

A disaster for Google?

Samsung switching to Bing would therefore be a real disaster for Google. As the world leader in smartphone sales, Samsung has the capacity to make Bing known, but its diffusion is not fast enough for Microsoft despite its immense qualities. It is true that Bing is extremely efficient not only for very precise searches but also because the discussion with Microsoft’s conversational agent allows it to better orientate its searches, while it is possible to make it generate content similar to what CahtGPT 3 can do. It must be said that Microsoft’s AI has been trained on the even more efficient ChatGPT 4 model and that it will be updated at the end of the year, if everything goes well, towards ChatGPT 5, which should, according to Open AI, render it indistinguishable from a human.

Samsung’s decision is not final, however, and it could also be that this threat is a pressure move to get Google to simply drop more money on it. On the other hand, if Samsung gets 3 billion and Apple 20 billion while Samsung sells a little more phones than Apple, it’s because Android users tend to use Chrome instead of the Samsung browser.

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