Samsung Galaxy S23: Everything you need to know

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More powerful, more enduring, packed with new technologies and equipped with cameras that should present a huge advance, the Galaxy S23 is not stingy with new features.

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Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy S23, and its specs take a big leap forward from its predecessor. If the dimensions don’t change, the big evolutions come from its cameras and its processor which multiply the performances and especially allow new functionalities to be born.

As for the characteristics, here’s what we can confirm.

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra, 6.8 inches, curved screen, larger surface than the Galaxy S22 ultra 5000 mAh battery
  • Galaxy S23+, 6.6 inches, 4700 mAh
  • Galaxy S23, 6.1 inches, 3900 mAh

If Samsung has increased the capacity of the batteries, the manufacturer has said absolutely nothing about the autonomy, except that it should be up, but impossible to know how much. We’ll have to wait to test it to know more about it.

Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 screen was announced as more durable over time while being made of 22% recycled material

A Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for everyone
The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is already present in several phones. The Galaxy S23 will have an overclocked version that should bring better performance. On the other hand, this processor is known for its very low power consumption, so much so that Samsung has given up integrating its home-grown Exynos in the European versions. It must be said that the Snapdragon that equips the Galaxy S22 in North America is already a little more powerful than the Exynos for Europe. This difference seems to have grown to such an extent that Samsung could not market two phones with performances that would have been too different.

Of course, Samsung is touting the capabilities of this processor in video games and would be able to offer the best performance, which is not hard to believe. The games should benefit from the phone’s increase in autonomy.

A 200 Mpix camera and an even better night capture according to Samsung
More than half of the presentation of the Galaxy S23 was about its camera. Samsung seems particularly confident in its capabilities. As we announced, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be equipped with a 200 Mpix sensor compared to the 108 Mpix sensor of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In addition to its sensor, this camera differs from the one that equips the Galaxy S23 and S23+ with an AI that detects more details in the image, allowing for a more responsive autofocus and zoom. Being able to film with an angle ranging from 57 to 80 degrees, it is capable of capturing videos in 8K at 30 IPS.

Samsung particularly insists on the night photos that the Galaxy S23 would be able to perform by combining 16 pixels in a single large pixel that would thus accentuate the light. The night mode also uses different light sensors to recombine the image, which according to Samsung would offer night shots with faithful colors. The Hyperlapse feature would also allow capturing the movements of stars for astronomy enthusiasts, by selecting the option 300X Hyperlapse mode.

Samsung promises perfect night shots, incredible detail and a professional experience
For photographers, the RAW expert mode now allows capturing images in 50 Mpix compared to 12 Mpix for the Galaxy S22.

The stabilization has also been revised with the adaptive technology VDIS which analyzes the movements and recognizes the lighting conditions. Its angle of vision would also be 3 degrees wider. The noise in the image would also have been reduced thanks to artificial intelligence that detects low lighting conditions and accentuates the light. Finally, the screen now adapts to three types of brightness during the day, allowing one to adjust the colors and contrast according to the weather conditions.

The front camera also evolves, going from 10 Mpix on the Galaxy S22 to 12 Mpix on the S23. Promising better performance in terms of lighting and rendering detail, it is also equipped with a new Super HDR feature that allows video capturing at 60 frames per second.

Health, Bixby, security with Knox, some evolutions
Bixby will undergo several evolutions and will be able to adapt itself according to your activities. For example, it will propose to automatically turn off your phone when you are sleeping. It will of course turn on again when you wake up.

Thanks to voice recognition, it can quickly convert your words into text. Very practical if you receive a double call and can not take it.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will also allow you to share Google Doc documents in collaborative work, and to annotate them with the stylus. This function should be very well integrated since it was developed in collaboration with Google and will benefit from the reinforcement of Knox for confidentiality.

Available in four colors
If Samsung has not yet revealed any price, we know that the three models of Galaxy S23 will be available in four colors: Phantom Black, Cream, Green, Lavender

Samsung has not yet revealed a launch date or price for all territories. Usually, Galaxy devices are available two to three weeks after their announcement. We could therefore find them in stores from mid-February, or if necessary before the end of February. On the price side, we expect an increase of US$100. However, since electronic products are much more expensive than the conversion rate in Canada, it is difficult to say for the moment if it will be $125 or more.

However, here are the rates in France, which were leaked a few days ago. The number 8 placed before the storage capacity (12 for the Galaxy S23 Ultra of 512 GB) corresponds to the amount of RAM.

  • Galaxy S23 (8/128 GB): €959
  • Galaxy S23 (8/256 GB): €1,019
  • Galaxy S23+ (8/256 GB): €1,209
  • Galaxy S23+ (8/512 GB): €1,329
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra (8/256 GB): €1,409
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra (12GB/512GB): €1,589

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