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Starlink Price Increase: What You Should Know

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For the past couple of years, Starlink has been one of the world’s central satellite internet providers. Recently, they announced that their internet service and equipment will increase in price. This is the first time Starlink’s services have seen a spike in price since they first started operating in October 2020. If you’re confused about the Starlink price increase, or just want to learn more about it, you’re in luck. We’ll go over all the most important details right here in this post.

What is Starlink?

In case you’ve never heard of Starlink or satellite internet, we’ll get you up to speed! Starlink is an internet provider owned and operated by SpaceX. They offer satellite internet to users worldwide. Starlink uses low orbit satellites to connect users directly to their network. Satellite internet is one of the fastest kinds of internet connections currently available. However, due to the usage of space technology, it is also quite expensive. Satellite internet technology has existed for several years, but is starting to gain traction more recently. If you want to give satellite internet a try, Starlink is one of the best out there, and a great option for your first satellite internet provider. 

Starlink Price Increase – Details

Starting on May 20th 2022, the monthly service price for Starlink internet will rise from $99 to $110 USD. Starlink’s “starter kit” which contains a satellite dish and other necessary equipment is jumping up from $499 to $599 USD. If you have put down a deposit on a starter kit but hasn’t paid it off in full yet, you’ll have to pay $549 USD for the kit. If you wish to cancel your service, Starlink is offering full refunds to users who signed up for their services within the last 30 days. However, if you joined Starlink in the last year, you are only eligible for a partial refund of $200 USD. Now that we’ve covered everything about these new prices, let’s talk about why the Starlink price increase is even taking place. 

Why is Starlink Increasing its Prices?

In Starlink’s official statement, they cite excessive levels of inflation as the reason behind their decision. Inflation has made everything more expensive, especially for Canadians. Since early 2022, everything from groceries to gasoline have seen a noticeable price increase, much to the dismay of shoppers. Companies like Starlink don’t want to make their services more expensive, but they probably feel as if they have no choice. Starlink especially has to pay for advanced space technology and delicate equipment. With inflation continuously rising, their equipment and materials must be more expensive than ever before. As a result, they must charge more for their service, which depends on this valuable equipment. 


So, is Starlink an isolated incident, or will inflation affect other providers? It’s currently too early to tell, but we wouldn’t be surprised if other mobile and internet providers started charging more money for their services. However, they probably won’t be as noticeable as Starlink’s price increase. Since most other providers don’t require such advanced technology, their material and equipment costs shouldn’t increase as dramatically. Of course, this is just speculation, and only time will be able to tell us how inflation will impact the telecom industry. Do you think your internet plan will get more expensive? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments section, we’re always curious to hear from our readers!


Despite the price increase, Starlink is an exciting internet provider that has kept us interested for years. Whether you’re interested in satellite internet, fibre optic internet, or any other kind, all Canadians should love their plan. Sadly, countless Canadians end up stressed out when searching for plans, and end up settling for disappointing plans that they don’t enjoy. Fortunately, PlanHub can help any and all Canadian looking for a good deal.

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