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Tap button, titanium design and more memory for the future iPhone 15 Pro

(Translation of an original PlanHub article)

The next iPhone could bring many advances. In addition to its a17 bionic processor engraved in 3nm, it should evolve and offer a new design.

Image Credit: PlanHub

The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are expected to come with new technologies to make the competition swoon. This is reported by analyst JefF Pu, employed by the Hong Kong investment company Haitong International Securities and relayed by MacRumors.

Titanium, no less!

According to the analyst, the most notable change should come from its current frame of titanium instead of aluminum. As a reminder, titanium offers much better resistance to corrosion or low temperatures, is not very sensitive to magnetism which allows more flexibility on the side of the antenna, and its expansion is half as much as aluminum.

Tapered buttons

The physical buttons should also be replaced by haptic buttons, a development that should also happen in competing high-end Android devices according to Jeff Pu.

A camera that will benefit from a periscope

As for the camera, the periscope technology should significantly increase the performance of the optical zoom. The image should therefore have a better definition and a more natural grain when zooming.

Better energy efficiency and increased memory

Finally, in addition to the Bionic A17 chip engraved in 3nm and whose energy efficiency is 35% higher than the A16 chip currently used, the memory should increase from 6 to 8GB. This increase should allow for greater flexibility and superior usability when many applications are or8vert, while providing better performance in recent games.

Is all this real?

These analyses should always be taken with a grain of salt, as they don’t always turn out to be accurate. However, many of them do turn out to be good. Analysts observe many areas such as the price and purchase of materials, have privileged access to companies or their suppliers, and can therefore assess trends ahead of time.

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