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The Best Internet and Mobile Plan Referral Programs in Canada

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PlanHub is an innovative search engine offering the easiest way to compare mobile and internet plans in Canada.

Everyone loves to save big on expensive bills. Unfortunately, Canadians continue to pay for some of the most expensive cell phone bills in the world. In addition, the recent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have forced Canadians to work from home, and sign up for more demanding internet plans. As a result, opportunities to save on telecom services are highly valuable to Canadian users in search of a good deal. Thankfully, many providers offer rewards for referring friends and family to their services. To keep track of some of the best internet and mobile plan referral programs in Canada, make sure to read through the rest of this post!

Best Mobile Plan Referral Programs Canada

Some of Canada’s largest providers offer valuable referral programs to the entire country. Both Rogers and Telus provide a $50 bill credit for both the “referrer” and “referee” if you introduce a friend or family member to a new phone plan with them. Similarly, Virgin Plus and Lucky Mobile offer the exact same referral bonus, allowing both parties to save $50 on their phone bill. Fizz Mobile and Koodo provide similar referral bonuses, with both members saving $25 on their bill. Finally, Fido’s referral program ensures that you and your friend receive a bill credit equivalent to one month of your mobile plan. So, depending on your specific plan, Fido’s referral program could save you the most money.


On top of referral bonuses, Canadians can use PlanHub to help save on mobile plans. Our mobile plan searching tool takes just a few seconds to complete, and goes a long way. After answering a few basic questions about your preferences, our website will present you with a list of the best, most affordable phone plans that match your needs. From there, all you need to do is choose a single plan from the list that you feel strongly about. By combining PlanHub’s service and a referral program from a mobile provider, you’ll be sure to save big on your next phone plan.

Best Internet Referral Programs in Canada

Sadly, internet referral programs are less common in than programs for mobile plans. Regardless, there are still a number of ways for internet users to save on their plans. Out of Canada’s big three telecom providers, only Telus offers a referral bonus for internet plans. Their program is identical to their mobile plan reward, and awards $50 credit to both users. Similarly, Fizz rewards a $40 referral bonus to both you and the friend you refer to their service. Lastly, Oxio offers a $25 referral bonus for both parties. However, last month they offered a free month of internet service instead. If this promotion were to come back, it would likely be one of the best referral bonuses in the country.


Once again, internet users all over Canada can rely on PlanHub to help save money on their next internet plan. Our internet plan searching tool works similarly to our mobile plan tool. After responding to a few simple questions, you’ll be matched with a number of affordable internet plans that match your needs. After choosing one from our list and combining it with a referral program, you’ll be able to save considerably on your internet bill.


Canadians shouldn’t have to end up spending absurd amounts of money on mobile phone and internet bills. Thankfully, many providers include helpful reward plans which allow users to save money after signing up a friend with their specific referral code. When searching for a plan with an adequate referral program, make sure to read the fineprint or even get in touch with the provider. While some referral rewards can only be accessed once, others can be redeemed multiple times, and allow you to save hundreds on your yearly telecom bills. Whenever you’re shopping or researching plans, make sure to keep tabs on any exciting referral programs, they could help both you and your friends in a big way!


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