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The Best Sports Channels in Canada

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If you’re a sports fan, you understand that there’s a huge number of sports channels. These channels will simultaneously broadcast sports coverage, analysis and biographies all day long. Instead of subscribing to all sports channels and endlessly flipping through them, you should have a concise list of go-to channels. This way, you’ll save money and be able to subscribe to a wider variety of channels. Fortunately, we’ve gathered a jersey. These are essential channels for every sports fan in Canada, regardless of your favourite sports. Without further ado, here’s our list.

The Best Sports Channels in Canada:


SportsNet is a massive hub of all things related to sports. From news to panel discussions to live coverage, this channel is every sports fan’s dream. The Rogers-owned channel covers all major NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and soccer games. Even more, they delivered extensive coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Most providers will include a few SportsNet channels, so viewers can easily flip through the popular matches at any given night. On top of this, SportsNet also offers a variety of personalized channels. If you’re a die-hard fan of your local sports team, you might want to consider signing up for SportsNet Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton or Calgary. These channels hone in on local sports, and pay special attention to smaller teams. Overall, SportsNet is an essential channel for good reason. Its diverse programming and coverage of all sports make it a must-buy for any sports fan.



For decades, TSN has operated as the national destination for live sports coverage. The channel is owned by Bell, and is revered for its exciting commentary. It broadcasts regular sports-related panel discussions and opinions, as well as behind the scenes documentaries and player biographies. Currently, TSN has five channels to ensure that every major event is covered. In addition, superfans can subscribe to TSN Jets or TSN Habs for constant news and discussion on the Winnipeg or Montreal NHL team. Although a subscription to all spinoff channels isn’t entirely necessary, we absolutely recommend a TSN subscription. Their dedication to constant broadcasting and thrilling commentary make them a very strong choice for sports lovers.



RDS functions as TSN’s French-language counterpart. Even if you speak English at home, we’d still recommend an RDS subscription, especially for NHL games. The network’s French commentary is full of energy and excitement, and remains one of our favourite ways to enjoy hockey games. RDS’ programming is not identical to TSN’s. Throughout the day, they broadcast their own unique opinion segments and panelist discussions. Most TV providers currently offer RDS and RDS2, their backup channel. As one of the best sports channels in Canada, we have to recommend an RDS subscription, especially if you’re craving more sports content in French.


Other Sports Channels

SportsNet, TSN and RDS are the three most essential sports channels for general sports entertainment. However, you may be more of a specific sports fan. If you want to enjoy focused coverage of your favourite sport, consider a subscription to one of these more specific channels.

OneSoccer – OneSoccer is the home for all things Canadian soccer. All premier league matches, as well as Men’s and Women’s championships are broadcasted. During the day, analysts and experts discuss the season and take a closer look into the players.

Fight Network – Canada’s Fight Network focuses on combat sports like UFC, boxing and professional wrestling. The channel also broadcasts exclusive interviews with fighters leading up to events. It’s a great network for all kinds of fighting events, and a must-buy for diehard combat sports fans.

ATN – The Asian Television Network offers dozens of channels for Canadians in nine different languages. ATN Sports regularly broadcasts popular Asian sports like cricket, field hockey, badminton and more. Additionally, ATN Cricket Plus is the network’s channel dedicated entirely to cricket. Overall, we’d recommend an ATN for anyone interested in popular Asian sports, whether you’re a fan or know nothing about them.



We hope our list of the best sports channels in Canada was somewhat useful to you. At the end of the day, it’s impossible to list all the great channels available to Canadians, but we tried our best. More importantly, we want to make sure your TV plan allows you to enjoy all your favorite content at a reasonable price. There’s nothing worse than overpaying for channels you don’t even watch, or not being able to enjoy all the channels you want to save money. Fortunately, Planhub’s TV plan searching tool will be launching shortly. With this service, you can easily compare your available TV plans, and find the best one for you based on price and channel offerings. If you’re eager to try out our service, consider adding the page to your bookmarks so you can use it as soon as it’s available!


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