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The new map ”say to me your address, I would say to you your speed”

It is a fact that for several years now, internet has become an essential means of communication for our life.
One of the first one thing we ask for when we go visit family or friends is: “Can i have your Wifi password”. Or when you visit a new flat “ “Is internet included ?”.
This indeed proves that connection is an essential thing in which every individuals ties a real importance.

It’s always when we are watching our favorite series on Netflix or when we are doing a Skype with our family or friend or even when we are working on a very important project that we have some problems of connection making the internet speed slower and slower.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decided to fix a new objective of 50 Mb / s as minimal Internet speed for all Canadians. CRTC so raised its target of Internet speed of 5 Mb / s in 50 Mb / s. It is important to remind that about 2 million Canadians, that is 18 % of households, do not have access to this Internet speed of 50 Mb / s currently. CRTC thinks that Canadians’ proportion having access to an Internet speed of 50 Mb / s will pass from 82 % to 90 % before 2021, and to 100 % before 10 – 15 years.
Know that this kind of problem will soon be a thing of the past, with a map informing us about the technology used or that we’ll be able to be use in every neighborhood.

Why not to create a map which would consist in representing every city district, that would show us the type of connection available without making a mistake with all the choices different suppliers offer us.
“Fibre or very high debit?”

The goal is straightforward : equip every district of a good Internet connection.

Do you think that a fixed map is necessary for Canada? Are you satisfied with your connection?

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