Where to watch the Olympics

Where to Watch the Olympics

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As the Tokyo Olympics approach one question remains: “Where can I watch the Olympic games in Canada?” Like every other Olympic games there will be a variety of channels showing different events. In terms of choosing which channel to at a given moment will depend on what you want to watch.

For the most part, the bigger events can be seen on NBC for Americans and CBC for Canadians. However there will also be a lot on other channels like TSN and Sportsnet but it may just not be as big of an event as the two other networks get first say in what they will show having the official rights to games.

The Olympics on television in French or in English?

With that being said Radio-Canada also has the rights to the Olympics in french as well which will give them priority over french sports channels RDS and TVA Sports.

In terms of the US channels, you will be able to watch the majority on NBC, but you can also catch some events on ESPN and TNT.

Can I watch the entire Olympics on one app?

You will also have an option to stream each event during the Olympics using the CBC Sports app. The app allows you to choose whichever live competition as well as highlights that you would like to see.

Another app that will allow you to watch the Olympics in Canada is DAZN. This app is made for watching the majority of all sports and when you sign up you get a 30-day free trial to see if you like it. DAZN will also have streams for all live events at the time of your viewing. To learn more about DAZN click here.

The exact schedule of what will be on each channel has yet to come out yet, but keep an eye here as July 23rd approaches to see where exactly your favourite events will be playing. Nonetheless you will be able to find your Olympic coverage easily with streaming apps and basic television packages.

However a good understanding of what we should see on CBC are things like Women’s soccer as the Canadian team has become one of the biggest powerhorses in the world over the last few International competitions with captain Christine Sinclair. Whereas a qualifying event such as a swimming quarterfinal event could find its way on TSN instead. With that being said that may not always be the case, as if Andre DeGrasse, a renowned Canadian sprinter is racing, it will be nationally broadcasted.

Consult the channel guides to prepare your Olympic program!

Therefore in order to find exactly what you are looking for, you should check the channel guides of your local tv stations and sports stations as it could change depending on who is involved in the events. So to answer “Where can I watch the Olympic games?” It is a lot more complex than one channel as there are a lot of situations that depend on which channel to watch the event you are looking for.

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