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Best Business Cell Phone Plans Canada (2021)

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The majority of mobile plans in Canada are sold directly to individuals. However, most providers (both big and small) also offer separate phone plans for businesses. If you’re a small business owner, there are plenty of plans that are precisely catered to you. Instead of walking into a store and paying for an ordinary cell phone, tell the companies that you own a business instead. As a result, you’ll save money on exclusive plans. Throughout this post, we’ll go over some of the best business cell phone plans Canada has to offer. These plans will help you meet any needs of your business, and ensure that you can work comfortably. After explaining more about business plans and how they work, we will introduce some of the greatest options for business owners seeking phone plans.

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Mobile Business Plans – About

What exactly are mobile business plans, and how do they differ from ordinary phone plans? To be clear, business phone plans are not multiple plans for entire business offices. Instead, providers offer business internet plans much like this. Offices can save money and invest in powerful routers that will supply their entire business with high-speed internet. However, mobile business plans look rather different, and resemble traditional phone plans you see from every major and independent provider.


Business cell phone plans were introduced over the past few years, as smartphones became the norm for mobile phones. When cell phones were first introduced, they were crucial within the business industry. Workers could place calls from anywhere, rather than having to use a landline. This vastly changed the way individuals worked, as it became easier to communicate while travelling and commuting. As smartphones became more popular, the business industry saw another massive change. In addition to improved communication, mobile data allowed workers to actually get work done while on the go. This aspect has increased significantly with technological improvements.


Currently, business owners and workers can send emails, attend meetings and contribute via video conferences while on the go. Even further, the recent introduction of 5G data plans allows for work to get done at unprecedented speeds. As a result, telecom companies have introduced mobile plans that cater to business owners. If you’re someone that constantly needs to be on their phone, there are a variety of plans for you. Some plans ensure that you never miss an update or message, while others allow for daily audio or video conferences while on the go. For the remainder of this post, we’ll go over some of the greatest mobile business plans from Canada’s largest telecom providers and independent companies.

Corporate Phone Packages – The Big Three

Currently, there are three major telecom providers that dominate the Canadian market. These three companies are Bell, Rogers and Telus. With decades of experience, nationwide mobile networks and several subsidiaries underneath them, these three companies need no introduction. For the most part, these three companies are usually the first to introduce new initiatives, such as corporate phone packages, unlimited data plans and more. Thus, they offered some of the earliest mobile plans for businesses. As of 2021, each company offers a few business plan options. These plans take advantage of their advanced nationwide infrastructure and 5G networks. Without further delay, here are the best business cell phone plans offered by Canada’s big three:



Telus’ business plans ensure that business owners and workers never have to worry about data overage fees. Their unlimited data plans let users use either 20GB or 25GB of high-speed mobile data. If users use up all their monthly gigs, they can still use mobile data at a slower rate for the duration of the month. Although it won’t be quite as fast, it still lets workers stay up to date instead of running out of data and being completely out of the loop. In addition, Telus also offers unlimited data plans with unlimited calling and texting to the United States. These are ideal for workers that have several offices, or constantly need to be in touch with the USA. Overall, Telus offers four different plans at decent prices. Their mobile business plans range in price from $65 a month to $95 a month depending on the amount of high-speed data and United States calling/texting.



Just like Telus, Bell offers four different mobile business plans. Overall, Bell’s plans are more expensive but also more inclusive. Their unlimited data plans also let users use up loads of high-speed data before having to resort to lower speeds. Customers will never have to worry about overage fees, and also be able to take advantage of Bell’s rapid 5G network if they are equipped with a 5G phone. Additionally, Bell’s business plans are great if you want to share mobile data with coworkers. For every team member you add to your shareable data plan, you save $25. Even more, you can add a tablet or smartwatch to your shared data pool for just $5 a month. Bell’s plans range in price from $70 a month to $100, and provide between 20GB and 100GB of high-speed mobile data. Finally, users can spend an extra $20 per month to access unlimited texting and calling to the United States.



Rogers offers business phone plans similar to Bell’s offerings. Their expensive plans also provide high amounts of shareable high-speed mobile data. Small business owners can take advantage of Rogers’ advanced 5G network, and share it with their coworkers or employees. Just like Bell, Rogers users can save $25 a month for every team member added to the shareable plan. This discount is valid for up to nine different lines. Lastly, most of Rogers’ business plans include a free tablet for 24 months. All of these perks make Rogers’ business plans very appealing for business owners who want their coworkers to benefit off unlimited data alongside them. Rogers’ business plans range in price from $80 to $175 a month, and offer between 20GB and 100GB of high-speed shareable mobile data.


Best Business Cell Phone Plans – Other Providers

Although Telus, Rogers and Bell have a monopoly over the telecom industry, they are not your only choice. Depending on which province you live in, you may have access to exclusive phone plans from smaller companies. These plans could be perfect for your business, and are worth looking into. So, before wrapping up this article, we want to introduce some great mobile business plan providers outside of the big three:



Almost exclusively accessible in Quebec, Videotron directly competes with major telecom providers within the province. They currently offer a wider variety of mobile business plans than the three major providers. Videotron offers ten different plans at four different tiers: Business Basic plans, Business Pro plans, Business Ultimate plans and Business Mega plans. As the tiers get higher, the plans start offering more gigs of shareable data, unlimited WiFi calling and more. Videotron’s options are the most diverse on our list, and offer all kinds of plans for every kind of business owner. Their cheapest plan costs only $30 a month and includes unlimited calling to the United States. For $35, customers earn 2GB of shareable data. On the other hand, their most expensive plan costs $130 per month, and provides 90GB of shareable data. Although Videotron doesn’t offer unlimited data like Rogers and Bell, their wide array of plans is worth considering if you live in Quebec.



Although Costco does not offer its own mobile plans, they offer many exclusive deals on business mobility plans. Currently, they are working alongside Bell and Rogers. Depending on your personal needs, Costco will match you up with a mobile business plan from one of those two providers with exclusive benefits. If you have a Costco membership and visit their facilities regularly, we’d recommend talking to someone at their mobile kiosk if you are curious. You could end up saving significantly and gaining access to all kinds of perks if you subscribe to a plan through Costco, rather than Bell or Rogers directly.


Best Business Cell Phone Plans Canada, We can assist you !

Overall, business owners and workers have a plethora of mobile plans to choose from in Canada. However, finding the perfect plan can still be a struggle. If you end up rushing through the process, you could end up choosing a plan that doesn’t properly match your personal needs or usage. As a result, you and your coworkers could end up having not enough or far too much mobile data. 

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