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Guide to Unlimited Data Plans in Canada

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Here’s our guide to all the unlimited data plans Canada has to offer. While the majority of Canadian providers promise a select amount of data with their mobile plans, some have introduced unlimited data plans. If you’ve ever struggled with limiting your data usage, these plans make sure that you never have to worry. Although unlimited data phone plans are more expensive, with them Canadians never have to worry about overage charges, or running out of data. And to help make that cost even more palatable, most providers allow users to share their unlimited data with family members.

Does Canada Have Unlimited Data Plans?

Yes, Canada does have multiple unlimited data plans on offer. In Canada, Rogers was the first major provider to introduce an unlimited data phone plan back in 2019. Since then, Bell, Telus and other carriers have all followed suit and introduced their respective unlimited data phone plans. With so many unlimited data plans in Canada, it has become difficult to keep track of them. To make things easier, we decided to create this helpful guide. In this post we’ll go over everything you need to know about these plans, how they function, where to buy them and much more. With that in mind, let’s jump right into it and get started!

Is an Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan in Canada Actually Unlimited?

So what does an unlimited mobile internet plan in Canada actually mean? Does it really mean a limitless amount of mobile data? Well, yes and no. Yes, because theoretically there is no limit on the amount of data you can consume and no, because not all of that data is high speed data. When shopping for an unlimited mobile internet plan in Canada read the fine print and you will realize that they are offered with data caps at different price points. 

For example, Bell offers a 20GB unlimited plan for $65 a month and a 50GB unlimited plan for $100 a month. So for the 20GB plan this means that you get 20 GB of high speed data per month after which speeds drop, sometimes to as low as 512 kbps. But there are no data overage charges. With the start of your next billing cycle, you will again have access to 20GB of high-speed, shareable data. 

Who Needs Unlimited Mobile Data Plans in Canada?

So if large amounts of unlimited, high-speed data is expensive, it brings us to the question: who needs these unlimited mobile data plans in Canada? It is important to assess your needs accurately since otherwise you could end up with not enough data to suit your needs and even though you won’t be paying data overage fees, you’ll still be stuck with slow speeds for much of the month. On the other hand, if you overestimate your needs you could end up paying a lot for data that you don’t need. So here’s a handy guide to help you decide how much data and what kind of unlimited mobile data plan you actually need:


Heavy UserModerate userLight User
Social Media

Professional use / Super userLong commute and streams / scrolls during itOnly scrolls on commutes or on wifi
WorkRegularly needs to use mobile hotspot to connect and work on the goOccasionally needs to use mobile hotspot to work on the goWorks mainly with good wifi
Mobile Gaming

Serious mobile gamerAn occasional gamer / plays one data-hog gameCasual gamer and usually has wifi access
Data usage

Regularly tends to go over data limits and pays a lot for data overageHas gone over data limits in the past and been burned by overage feesDoes not tend to go over data limits
Family Use5 or more heavy users3-5 moderate users1 or 2 users
Planhub’s recommendationA 50+ GB unlimited Plan
A 20GB unlimited plan
No need for an unlimited data plan.

How to get Unlimited Data: The Best Unlimited Data Plans in Canada

So now that you know what your personal usage pattern is and how much unlimited data you might need in your mobile plan, the next question is: how to get an unlimited data plan. here’s our listing for the best unlimited data plans in Canada for each category:


Best Unlimited Data Plans in Canada for Heavy Users:

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3 Best Unlimited Data Plans in Canada for Moderate Users:

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Best Mobile Data Plans for people who don’t need Unlimited Data:

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So, are Unlimited Mobile Data Plans Worth It?

It depends. Our article above should have helped you decide whether an unlimited mobile data mobile plan is worth it for you. And if so, which unlimited mobile data plan would work best for your needs. Although they are pricier than the average plan, they allow Canadians to use up as much data as they please. And with mobile data usage only rising with each passing year, these plans could become more relevant to more and more users really soon. 

But whether unlimited data plans in Canada are for you or not, Planhub’s mobile plan comparison tool is sure to help you find the best mobile phone plan for your needs. Both for now, as well as in the future. Happy Comparing!


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Meta Description: Curious about unlimited plans? Our guide goes over everything you need to know about the best unlimited data plans Canada has to offer.

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