guide to unlimited data plans in canada

Guide To Unlimited Data Plans in Canada

On wednesday, June 12th 2019, Rogers launched a brand new unlimited plan for $75 per month. Ever since, lots of carriers followed suit and announced their own plans in order to compete with Rogers. In order to review the new unlimited plans available on the market we offer you a guide to unlimited data plans in Canada.  

Let’s start this guide to unlimited data plans in Canada with the plan that paved the way – the Roger’s Infinite plan that includes unlimited Canada-wide calls and texts and an unlimited usage of high-speed data with a cap at 10GB (reduced speed beyond this cap) for $75 per month.

In response, Telus and Bell launched rivaling high data / unlimited plan offers. 

Telus moved first and launched its offer of 15GB high speed data with unlimited Canada-wide calls and texts for $75 per month, but it was not an unlimited plan. Then, following Bell’s announcement of an unlimited plan, Telus finally announced an unlimited plan that includes 10GB high-speed data and a reduced speed of 512Kbps thereafter for $75 per month. No data overage charges, unlimited nation-wide calls and texts. 

Bell also responded to Rogers with an unlimited plan that included nation-wide unlimited calls and texts and 10GB of high-speed data (that can’t be shared) for $75 per month. All additional data will be throttled to lower speeds, though Bell does not specify the speed it will provide. All Bell says is the reduced speed will allow light web browsing, email and texting.   

One important thing to note however, is that some of these offers are limited in time. The offer from Telus ends on July 2nd, 2019. Even Bell’s offer was slated to end on June 30th 2019 but seems to have been extended indefinitely. Rogers doesn’t communicate an end date of its offer, which lets us suppose that it will be available indefinitely. In order to be on the lookout for the latest news feel free to subscribe to our Alert system for free.

However, Telus and Bell are not the only ones to have responded to Rogers’ original announcement. Other carriers also offer similar plans. 

Videotron, for example, launched a premium mobile plan that includes unlimited Canada-wide calls and texts and 17GB of data for $75 per month. Note that this offer is available until July 9th 2019.

Freedom Mobile also followed the trend and released an unlimited calls and texts plan with 15GB of data for $60 per month. Note that the offer ends soon.

Koodo also has an offer with unlimited calls and texts + 10GB of datas for $75 per month.

Virgin Mobile offers an unlimited plan as well that includes unlimited calls and texts + 10GB of data for $75 per month. 


Let’s finish this guide with a list of Unlimited Data Plans in Canada :

  • Rogers : 10GB for $75
  • Telus : 10GB for $75
  • Bell : 10GB for $75
  • Vidéotron : 17GB for $75
  • Koodo : 14GB for $76
  • Freedom Mobile : 15GB for $60
  • Virgin Mobile : 10GB for $56


With that many plans available on the market, it may be hard to find the one that best suits your needs, use our tool to find the one for you!

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