Our guide will help you prepare for Black Friday 2021 and take advantage of all the greatest telecom deals.

Black Friday 2021 Canada: How to Find the Best Deals

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Friday, November 26th is infamously known as Black Friday. Following American Thanksgiving, Black Friday is an opportunity for retailers to introduce all kinds of limited deals and promotions. In addition to Holiday sales, Black Friday is one of the most exciting day for shoppers around the world. Of course, the telecom industry is no exception to these offers.

If you’re in search of the greatest deals for phone plans and internet, we at Planhub have got you covered. Our post will outline all the deals of Black Friday 2021 Canada, and how you can find the greatest offers for telecom services. Please note that while these specific deals only apply to Canadians, anyone can learn a thing or two from this article. We understand that few things feel better than finding a great deal. Nothing beats knowing that you’re saving loads of money on a great product. With this article, we want to help you achieve that feeling as much as possible.

Throughout this post’s various sections, we will go over how to find great deals on phone plans, cell phones and internet plans. Then, this entire post will be updated on Black Friday. On November 26th, in addition to outlining how to find the best deals, we will also provide examples of some of the greatest Black Friday deals you ought to look into. Fortunately, these deals will all be purchasable online, so you won’t even have to rush out and face the crowds. Instead, you can enjoy the country’s best deals from the comfort of your own home! Make sure to revisit this page on Black Friday to truly take advantage of all the great deals. Without any further delay, here’s our guide on how to find the best Black Friday deals in Canada.

Black Friday Phone Deals

Historically, telecom providers will introduce all kinds of deals and promotions on for their mobile phone plans. Whether it be reduced prices or free accessories, both large and small companies offer all kinds of deals. To stay on top of these deals, make sure to regularly visit your own provider’s website, and frequently check your texts and e-mails (even your junk/spam folder). Your provider could be contacting you with some exclusive deals, either because you are a loyal customer or for no reason at all! For the past two years, Rogers gave free data to random customers all over the country. They notified the recipients of this amazing deal via text. So, make sure you regularly check your phone and email in case your provider is trying to get in touch with you with an exclusive deal.

The most reliable way to find a great mobile plan deal during Black Friday is to check out your provider’s website. Make sure to visit their site leading up the 26th, as well as on the day. Again, you can visit this page on the 26th for a simplified list of all the greatest deals of the day. If you or a family member are thinking of purchasing a new plan, make sure you wait a bit until Black Friday 2021 rolls around.

Last year, Rogers offered a brand new Sonos speaker with the purchase of select phone plans. Additionally, Bell and Telus reduced monthly phone bills by $15 and $5 respectively for every new phone number added on Black Friday. So, Black Friday is a great day to add family members to your plan. We expect the major brands to offer similar deals in 2021. If you’re thinking of buying a new plan or adding family plan, wait just a little bit longer, you could be missing out on reduced prices or a great piece of new tech for free!

Black Friday iPhone Deals Canada

As one of the most popular phone brands in the world, iPhones continue to be at the top of everyone’s lists around Black Friday. Since the new iPhone 13 is not cheap, Apple fans are eagerly awaiting a price drop for older models like the iPhone 12. This is a serious possibility for Black Friday 2021, and you don’t want to miss out if you’re an Apple fan. So, how do you make sure you can access the best Black Friday iPhone deals Canada has to offer? That’s what we’re here for! Similarly to phone plans, there are certain approaches you can take leading up to Black Friday to ensure you get your hands on the most sought after iPhone deals.

Firstly, make sure to avoid the official Apple website. While we understand the desire to purchase an iPhone directly from the source, this is also the most expensive way to buy one. Additionally, they rarely have any kinds of promotions during the holidays. Thus, it is more economic to purchase an iPhone from a provider which can sell it to you with a plan. As we know, mobile providers in Canada implement tons of promotions during Black Friday.

In 2020, both large and small companies offered some great deals for iPhone users. Rogers customers received a $100 off of AirPods if they purchased a an iPhone 12. On the other hand, Telus would give users a brand new iPhone 12 for $20/month with a two-year plan in exchange for a used iPhone X. Lastly, Fido offered a brand new iPhone 11 for $0 upfront which customers would pay off over the course of two years for $30 a month.

Overall, providers will always include attractive iPhone deals on Black Friday because they know how popular they are. If you’re interested in buying an iPhone, you should consider waiting a bit until all the great Black Friday deals come around.

Black Friday Cell Phone Deals

If you want a deal on a new premium smartphone but don’t want an iPhone, there’s still plenty of options available. Although iPhones will be the most heavily advertised promotions, all Black Friday cell phone deals will also include Android devices from Samsung, Google and more. Once again, you should avoid ordering from the Samsung and Google websites, as these rarely offer any sort of promotion.

Instead, read up on your current provider and see what kind of promotions they have offered for Android devices in the past. During Black Friday, Koodo was undoubtedly the king of Android promotions. Koodo customers would receive brand new wireless earbuds with the purchase of over 20 Android phones from companies like Samsung, Google, LG, TLC, Motorola and Huawei.

While Koodo offered the most diverse Android promotions, larger companies provided some of the most economic deals on older models. For example, Rogers and Telus offered the Motorola Edge+ at $0 during Black Friday 2020. So, whether you’re with one of the big three telecom providers or a smaller brand, make sure to look into their Android deals. Although they aren’t as heavily advertised as iPhone deals, they definitely still exist. Make sure to pay special attention if you’re with Koodo, since you could end up scoring some brand new accessories at no extra charge!

Black Friday Internet Deals

Last but not least, you don’t want to miss out on any Black Friday internet deals. As one of our most important services, Canadians understand how valuable internet can be. While we don’t want to end up underpaying for an insufficient internet plan, we also don’t want to end up with an expensive plan that empties our pockets. Unfortunately, telecom providers do not end up promoting internet deals nearly as much as cell phone and mobility.

To get the best deal possible, make sure to regularly check every provider’s website leading up to Black Friday. While you shouldn’t expect smaller ISPs to introduce any deals, some of the larger companies may do so. If you’re dissatisfied with your current provider, you could also try calling them and speaking to them directly. If you express that you are a loyal customer and want some kind of offer, they could introduce an exclusive deal to you free of charge.

Last year, Videotron took the crown for the best internet deals. They offered various promotions on their Helix internet, as well as deals that combine internet with TV. If you’re in Quebec and in search of a new internet provider, you might want to wait until November to see what Videotron has in store. If history repeats itself, they will likely continue to offer some of the greatest internet deals in the country. While other providers may offer discounted prices, make sure to pay close attention to Videotron, you don’t want to miss out on their limited offers.


Overall, preparing for Black Friday 2021 isn’t too difficult. All you truly need is patience, an idea of what you want, and knowledge of the promotions from the previous year. Once companies start advertising promotions, you should have a better idea of what to expect for the upcoming Black Friday. In addition, referencing their previous deals and offers can help you prepare for November. We hope this guide helped you prepare for one of the most exciting days of the year. Don’t forget that once Black Friday rolls around, this article will be entirely updated! On top of our tips and references to deals from last year, we’ll go over all the greatest Black Friday deals of 2021 for phone plans, iPhones, smartphones and internet that you don’t want to miss out on!

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