Our guide will help you prepare for Black Friday 2021 and take advantage of all the greatest telecom deals.

Black Friday 2022 : How to Find the Best Deals

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(Last updated on November 28th 2022)

Brace yourselves, Black Friday 2022 Canada is here. In a shopping apocalypse, no one can survive because the promotional deals are usually too good to be true. As of today, not many Black Friday deals have already been announced, however, we at PlanHub are here to help you plan for the best Black Friday.

Every year, insanely low mobile plans and cell phone deals are offered by various providers as part of their Black Friday phone deals. Believe it or not, you would be amazed at all the incredible Black Friday phone deals you could find. There’s more to Black Friday than that 65-inch smart TV you’ve wanted to get your hands on for the longest time.

Through various sections of the posts, we will cover some of the best deals on phone plans, cell phones and internet plans. We’ll keep this post updated until Black Friday, so watch this space to find the best Black Friday 2022 deals. One hot tip to access exclusive Black Friday deals is to regularly visit your provider’s website and check your texts and emails. Your provider could be contacting you with some exclusive deals!

Without further ado, here are some of the best black Friday deals that are usually available in Canada. You’re welcome!

Black Friday Phone Deals

Mobile providers in Canada offer a plethora of promotions during Black Friday. In the chance you’re not happy with your current provider, try calling them to express your dissatisfaction. If you are a loyal customer and want some kind of offer, they could offer an exclusive deal to you. If not, and there are better Black Friday phone deals elsewhere, changing your provider could be a good alternative. Last year, Videotron had some exciting promotions for customers. We are predicting that they will do as last year, and offer new clients a cash credit and/or an accessory credit.


Last year, Fizz decided to come up with sweet deals just in time for those looking to curate a new mobile plan. If you or someone you know is thinking of purchasing a new plan, keep an eye out for the Fizz Black Friday offers. Hopefully, Fizz will offer a 100$ referral bonus for Black Friday 2022.

Public Mobile also offered great Black Friday deals like one free month and extra data for plans over 35$ a month!

Freedom Mobile offered a referral credit of 25$ and allowed new customers to sign up for a free month of Visual Voicemail.

Rogers had some great Black Friday Phone plan deals for Canadian shoppers waiting to get that limited-time offer. So what you can expect from Rogers? Last year, they offered unlimited data for $65/month, which included 5G network access with 20GB high-speed data, with an extra 5GB data from the previous 15GB data. The best part is customers got to save $15/month on every additional line they added and got six months of Apple Music for free after they signed up for it.

They also had an unlimited data plan for $85/month, which included 5G network access with 60GB of high-speed data, which was an extra 10GB of data from the previous 50GB. Canadians got to save $15/month on every additional line they added and got six months of Apple Music free after they signed up for it. Additionally, they got six months of free Disney+ after signing up and buying an Apple Watch or tablet on financing and got a free Apple Watch plan or a tablet plan for 24 months. 

If large amounts of data are not for you, they also offered 3GB of non-shareable individual data for $40/month or 10GB of non-shareable individual data for $50/month.

Many other providers like Bell, Telus and Virgin Plus had Black Friday Phone plan deals. Here are some 2022 Black Friday offers. Make sure to keep an eye open, we’ll be adding more!

Public Mobile

  • Receive 12GB of free data per month with any plan of 40$ or more – View Offer


  • Unlimited Talk & Text | 25GB of data | 1 Perk | 60$/ month – View Offer

Virgin Plus

  • Unlimited Talk & Text | 12GB of data | 50$/ month – View Offer
  • Unlimited Talk & Text | 20GB of data | 55$/ month – View Offer
  • Unlimited Talk & Text | 50GB of data | 65$/ month – View Offer

Black Friday Mobile Accessories Deals

Many may solely focus on phone deals during their Black Friday shopping, however, many providers and retail stores offer Black Friday deals on mobile accessories. Also, make sure to take a look at the Best Buy Black Friday offers.

Last year providers like Bell, have discounted smartwatches, headphones and more. Make sure to check out their websites a few days before Black Friday to see what they have to offer!

Best Buy: Black Friday 2022

  • Bose QuietComfort 45 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – 359.99$ (Save 90$) – View Offer
  • Sony WH-1000XM5 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – 399.99$ (Save 100$) – View Offer
  • Sony WF-1000XM4 In-Ear Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Headphones – 249.99$ (Save 150$) – View Offer

Black Friday iPhone Deals Canada

Apple, being one of the most popular cell phone brands in the world, has got to make it to the list of Black Friday iPhone deals Canada and we know you’ve been waiting on it. While we understand the desire to purchase an iPhone directly from the source, it is also the most expensive way to buy one. And therefore, it’s more economic to purchase an iPhone from a provider who can sell it to you with a plan. Keep reading to find the best Black Friday iPhone deals in Canada!

Black Friday Cell Phone Deals

If you’re looking to get a deal on a new phone, Black Friday 2022 may be the best time to do it. Many providers discount their phones for this period. It is not uncommon for providers to completely remove the down payment for new phone models and simply have clients pay the monthly fee for 24 months. As Black Friday approaches we will be adding a full list of the Black Friday Phone deals to the article. Here are some great deals on Androids and iPhones!



  • Receive 50$ when referring a friend to Fizz – View Offer


*Offers are only available when paired with select plans.


*Offers are only available when paired with select plans.


*Offers are only available when paired with select plans.

Black Friday Internet Deals

Last but not least, you don’t want to miss out on any Black Friday internet deals. As one of our most important services, Canadians understand how valuable the internet can be. While many providers may offer discounted prices, make sure to find the best offer for you. Last year, Videotron took the crown for the best internet deals. They offered the unlimited Helix internet 100 MBPS Plan at 65$ for 24 months.  If you’re in Quebec and in search of a new internet provider, you might want to consider Black Friday internet deals from Videotron. 

Bell was not far behind with its Black Friday offers. When signing up for an Internet and TV bundle, clients would receive a 200$ prepaid visa. A 100$ visa was also given to clients who signed up for select internet packages. Browse this year’s Black Friday internet deals below!


Altima Telecom

  • 120 Mbps unlimited Internet for 60$ – View Offer 
  • 30 Mbps unlimited Internet for 45$ – View Offer

*Offers to vary based on your location.



  • 30 Mbps unlimited Internet for 40.99$ – View Offer
  • 60 Mbps unlimited Internet for 45.99$ – View Offer


  • Unlimited Fibe Internet | 3 Gbps |  70.00$/ month – View Offer
  • Unlimited Fibe Internet | 1.5 Gbps | 60.00$/ month – View Offer

Virgin Plus 

  • Unlimited Internet | 25 Mbps | 40$/ month – View Offer
  • Unlimited Internet | 50 Mbps | 40$/ month – View Offer
  • Unlimited Internet | 100 Mbps | 45$/ month – View Offer


Preparing for Black Friday 2022 Canada isn’t all too difficult. All you truly need is patience, an idea of what you’re looking for, and information on previous deals. We hope this guide helped you prepare for one of the most awaited days of the year. 

If you don’t want to miss out on any hot cellphone and Internet deals, keep an eye on this post for updates. Besides, deals don’t last forever. So make sure to pick the best phone plan or Internet deal while the promotions last. We also encourage you to let your friends and family know about it too!

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