Back-to-school: How to share wifi  

A suitable internet connection tailored to one’s needs has become essential for students. Whether for remote work or playing online video games, the requirement for a stable, fast, and multi-user-friendly internet connection has become crucial. The return to school is a specific time of the year that puts your internet connection to the test. Therefore, […]

Luna, Amazon’s streaming game service comes to Canada

(Translation of an original PlanHub article) We have just tested Luna, the video game streaming service from Amazon. Mixed first impressions… Image Credit: Captures by PlanHub It is through a press release that Amazon has finally announced the availability of its video game streaming service Luna in Canada. After Google and its now-defunct Stadia, Amazon […]

Starlink equipment rental available in France but not in Canada

Starlink equipment for rent

(Translation of an original PlanHub article) We’re still entitled to 50% special, but rentals are not yet allowed in Canada. Cover image credit: Capture Starlink via PlanHub It was with surprise that we learned via an article from the French Phonandroid that Starlink now offers its hardware for rent in France. In exchange for 15 […]

How to choose your Internet plan in Canada? 

Step 1: Determine your household needs Step 2: Determine your budget Step 3: Determine the provider and technology options for your home address Step 4: Understand the plans offered Step 5: Choosing your Internet plan Step 6: Find ways to save money and even take advantage of it Step 7: Once you’ve purchased a plan, […]

Cogeco announces its acquisition of Oxio 

No one expected it, yet cable operator Cogeco has just announced the acquisition of Oxio. Should Oxio customers expect changes? In a press release, Cogeco Connexion has just announced the acquisition of Oxio for an amount that has not yet been specified. In the context of buyouts among various Canadian operators and suppliers, Quebec-based Cogeco […]

Boxing Day 2022: Must see Offers

Boxing Day Deals 2022

(Article updated on December 11th 2023) With Boxing Day right around the corner, we strongly encourage you to keep an eye open for the great tech offers to come. If you’re in the market for a new mobile or internet plan, hopefully, this article will help you find the best telecom Boxing Day deal. With […]

It’s always easy to do business with EBOX!

EBOX is a down-to-earth provider that understands you. Here, we don’t try to sell you the biggest package or convince you that your needs are greater than they really are. EBOX offers affordable Internet, TV and home phone services without compromising the quality of your services. Our renowned customer service is known for its availability […]

Moving Checklist: Expenses to consider 

Moving checklist - someone who prepare a list with card-boxes around her

The current economic situation is causing a large number of families to monitor their spending more. While moving, many costs have to be considered. Having a clear moving checklist of expenses is very important to avoid any unplanned spending. In this article, we will help you identify and plan for all of your new expenses. […]