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Bell vs Rogers 2024 : Comparison

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In this blog, we’re going to do a Bell vs Rogers 2023 comparison, to unveil some of the biggest differences between the two most sought after internet service providers in Canada, that you may have not known for the longest time. 

We’re also going to discuss the two service provider’s internet as well as television services. So brace yourselves to do some real reading!

Who is bigger Bell or Rogers?

Headquartered in Montreal, Bell Internet has the largest number of subscribers in Quebec and Ontario, making it the biggest ISP in Canada. Rogers is widely known for its flawless wireless communications services and is headquartered in Toronto. It is the second-largest wireless company in Canada only second to Bell. 

While many of you may have known which city they originated from, let’s now get into the real differences between the two most well-known and in-demand Canadian ISPs.

But before we get down to comparing Bell vs Rogers 2023, how about we go over the service provider’s services and what they really have to offer to their customers?

Shall we?

Bell : Bell leverages the greatest fibre and wireless networks, and delivers an array of service innovations including LTE advanced, Wireless Home Internet, cloud and data hosting, Fibe Internet & TV and so on and so forth.

Additionally, Bell’s plans are attractive because their services, such as bundles, can be ordered at a discounted price.

Rogers : Rogers has been known to provide a wide range of telecom services to Canadians. They are a Canadian Communications and Media company primarily offering Telephony and Internet, Cable Television and Wireless Communications.

Their internet services are available in multiple provinces and they also offer some of the fastest speeds in the country at fairly good prices.

Some differences and similarities 

  • Bell started out as a telephone company and Rogers as a cable television provider. 
  • Both Bell and Rogers are known for offering premium services to users rather than catering to all types of users.
  •  The services offered by the two ISPs are somewhat similar in terms of pricing.
  • Additionally, both service providers offer great deals.
  • They are both known for providing nationwide coverage and 5G networks.
  • Rogers is known for providing 3G coverage in rural Canada which gives it an edge over Bell, considering many users still rely on the 3G network. 
  • While Bell does not offer 3G coverage anymore, it however takes the award for providing the best 4G LTE coverage. 
  • Rogers is a step ahead of Bell when it comes to customer service. 

Well, it’s not hard to believe these two Telecom companies have grown leaps and bounds. Right?

If you’re in two minds, don’t despair, you can fill out this quick questionnaire to get a better idea of what plan suits you the best. 

Bell vs Rogers


Bell Fibe vs Rogers Internet : The difference

Some of you may or may not have known the similarities and differences we shared above.

But what is the difference between Bell Fibe vs Rogers Internet? Don’t worry, we’re here to answer that.

Despite the fact that some of you may have used or are currently using these internet services, you probably are still wondering if the two are any different from each other.

It’s time we break it down for you.

Top two Canadian ISPs

Bell Fibe: Bell Fibe internet uses fibre optic technology to deliver unduly fast internet speeds to your home. You can get download speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps and upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps which is nearly 15 times faster than any other service provider.

That being said, you can share videos and photos at lightning-fast speeds. And for those who love gaming, you can expect low latency and ping times with this absolute fastest internet technology.

Rogers Internet: Rogers, as you may have heard, uses wireless internet home technology to deliver fast speed internet to your home. Their Ignite internet is also fibre-powered internet and is considered to be Canada’s best performing home internet. What it really does is, connect the internet modem to a particular antenna installed outside the home, and transmit data through the local wireless cell tower.



To put things in perspective and to get a comprehensive understanding of the “ Bell Fibe vs Rogers Internet”, here’s a table :

Bell Monthly
UpfrontSpeedBell FibeRogers Monthly
Rogers Internet
$79.95$59.951500 mbpsGigabit Fibe
1.5 gbps
$129.99$291000 mbpsIgnite Internet Gigabit
Gigabit Fibe$119.99
$29500 mbpsIgnite Internet 500u
$59.95$59.95500 mbpsFibe 500$109.99
$29150 mbpsIgnite Internet 150u
$54.95$59.95150 mbpsFibe 150$99.99
$2975 mbpsIgnite Internet 75u
$49.95$59.9510 mbps
(100 GB)
Fibe Internet$59.99$2910 mbps
(100 GB)
Internet 10


Note: The plans and prices could vary depending on your province. Make sure to enter your postal code to check the availability of a plan in your region.


Bell Fibe vs Rogers Ignite TV  

Albeit Bell and Rogers seem like household names in the country, do we really know what sets them apart when it comes to their bundle services? Perhaps not.

To understand all the hype around Bell Fibe vs Rogers Ignite TV, keep reading!

Bell Fibe TV: For those wondering, Bell Fibe TV is an IP-based television service offered by Bell Canada in Ontario and Quebec and is either bundled with FTTH or FTTN Internet service. 

You can enjoy thousands of popular shows on demand as well as access Netflix, YouTube, Crave and Prime Video. and you’re guaranteed to never run out of entertainment.

Rogers Ignite TV: As far as Ignite TV is concerned, it is an IPTV service by Rogers that comes with some very exciting features every Television buff would love and appreciate.

Thanks to the Rogers Ignite TV, you can avail a massive selection of TV channels and 4k movies. What’s more exciting is how the “Flexible channel exchange” lets you swap a selection of TV channels from live TV packages.


Internet + TV Bundles

While they are both amazing, it all comes down to preference, availability and of course the unique “features”.

And that’s precisely why we’ve created a table so you can get an accurate overview of the different internet as well as TV bundles offered by Bell Fibe and Rogers Ignite TV.  

The pricing has been taken from the service provider’s website and is subject to change, but we will try to keep it fresh and up-to-date as frequently as we can. 

Bell Fibe BundleMonthly PriceRogers Ignite TV BundleMonthly Price
Fibe 50 + Starter $124.90Ignite Flex 10$144.99
Fibe 50 with Starter + A La Carte 10$134.90Ignite Flex 20 + sports$169.99
Fibe 500 + Good$149.90Ignite Premier$204.99
Gigabit Fibe + Better$179.90Ignite starter$134.99


Note: The table above is to give you an idea. For accurate results, we recommend you check both the service provider’s websites to see which TV bundles with internet are available in your province or postal code.


Conclusion : Bell vs Rogers 2023 Comparison 

The majority of Canadians equally trust and rely on both – Bell and Rogers, and it’s perhaps only a matter of choice and availability of services that truly sets them apart besides a handful of disparities we discussed in this post.

Eventually, every user’s need differs and it really just depends on where you live, what your usage habits are like and what you need. Both service providers are brilliant at what they do and none is lesser than the other.

Moreover, we are here to help make this process a tad less complex for you. So go ahead and try our free comparison tool to compare mobile and internet plans between different service providers. And while we don’t have a TV plans comparison tool just yet, we’re on it and will have one soon for you all!
So stay tuned and hang in there tight!

In the meantime, we’d love for you to share your thoughts and feedback.

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