A view of the iconic Disney castle, one of the first images audiences will see when sitting down for Disney's 2021 movie lineup.

Disney’s 2021 Movie Lineup to Release Exclusively in Theatres

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The Walt Disney Company recently made an announcement regarding their upcoming films for the remainder of 2021. These six movies will have exclusive theatrical releases, and become available on Disney Plus after a minimum of 45 days. This may come as a disappointment to hardcore Disney Plus fans, who have been able to enjoy blockbusters like Black Widow and Luca from the comfort of their homes on release day. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney has slowed down their releases, and given audiences the option to attend theatres or stream from home. So, why the sudden change? For the duration of this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Disney’s 2021 movie lineup and how to watch them.

What is Disney’s 2021 Movie Lineup?

Disney’s 2021 movie lineup consists of six drastically different films. The historical drama The Last Duel will be released on October 15th 2021. Then, Disney’s animated films Ron’s Gone Wrong and Encanto will come out on October 22nd and November 24th respectively. However, Encanto is the lone exception to the 45-day rule, and will have a theatrical run for 30 days before being available on Disney Plus. Moving on, the epic Marvel movie Eternals is set to release on November 5th, with Speilberg’s remake of West Side Story coming out on December 10th. Finally, Disney will close out their year with The King’s Man right before Christmas on December 22nd.

Why the Sudden Change?

There are a few possible reasons to explain Disney’s recent announcement. Most obviously, the box office success of their summer movies. Released in early September, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is set to be the highest earning movie since the pandemic started. Disney has realized how much the population missed attending theatres, and wants to take advantage of the situation. Alternatively, Disney could be responding to the recent controversy surrounding Scarlet Johansson’s lawsuit. After releasing her film Black Widow in theatres and on Disney Plus simultaneously, Johannson sued them for breach of contract. Whether Disney is moving towards exclusive theatrical releases due to the success of cinemas or to cover up negative press, it seems like a smart move.

How to Watch Disney’s 2021 Movie Lineup

If you don’t want to attend a movie theatre, you can still enjoy Disney’s 2021 movie lineup. You can watch these films shortly after their release on Disney Plus. With enough patience, all you need to do is avoid spoilers and wait a few weeks to enjoy them from the device of your choice. Although it may feel like a long time, Disney Plus receives their films much quicker than other streaming services. Most blockbusters could take up to several months or even a year to show up online. With Disney Plus, you know it will be made available within a few short weeks. This is what makes them one of the best streaming services in Canada.


Alternatively, if you cannot handle the anticipation, you can go to the cinema of your choice during the film’s theatrical run. Of course, you will have to pay for a ticket, and make sure you have a valid vaccine passport to prove that you are fully vaccinated. Despite these minor hurdles, you will be rewarded with a unique theatrical experience. These experiences cannot be replicated from a television or laptop at home. Blockbuster films like Eternals and The King’s Man were meant to be viewed in theatres with cheering crowds. If you’re someone who values this kind of experience, you should definitely consider seeing one of the upcoming Disney movies in person.


Disney’s 2021 movie lineup having an exclusive theatrical run makes perfect sense from the company’s perspective. If audiences want to see movies in person again, they should invite them with open arms. In addition, adding the films onto Disney Plus after a few weeks is a great compromise and reward for their subscribers. If you’re interested in signing up for Disney Plus, make sure to use Planhub’s internet tool to compare the greatest deals in Canada. Quickly browse through the country’s cheapest internet plans and find one that fits all your needs.


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