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eSim: Canada eSim Data Plan for Travel

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In a previous post, we explained the advantages of eSim data plans for traveling with your cell phone, tablet or computer. Now it’s time to get a plan! Here are some tips to get the best Canada eSim data plan for travel that suits your need to stay connected on the go, wherever you are in the world. You’ll have to start by asking yourself a few questions…

Cellular or Data Only eSIM Plan?

The majority of travel eSIM plans are data-only plans. This is the easiest way, and you can still use applications like Facetime, Duo, Whatsapp or Messenger to communicate! However, some eSIM plans, like America eSim, give you a phone number to make local calls and send and receive texts in a given area. The price will not be the same!

For Which Region?

The cheapest plans usually only work for one region or country. This is the easiest solution for a few days trip to the same place! For a couple of days in Europe we recommend a europe eSim. But if your itinerary is complete or if you want to use your phone during the stopovers, you can buy a package offering a larger coverage… Which will be more expensive.

Duration of the Plan

Last important point: the duration of the package. When it expires, it will stop working and we will lose our unused data. Depending on the provider, there are daily, weekly (annoying if you go away for 10 days, for example!) or monthly plans. The cost per day generally decreases for a longer duration. The amount of data is sometimes associated with the duration of the package – more data, more days to use it.

Other Considerations While Purchasing an eSIM Plan for Traveling

If you do not purchase a Canada eSIM data plan for travel, the cost may be in US dollars, Euros, etc… Depending on the exchange rate, the amount that will be charged to our credit card may vary greatly! This makes accurate comparisons more difficult.

Some plans require you to pay an annual subscription to keep your eSIM active. An option to consider if you travel a lot: it will be possible to add a new plan at a lower cost.

If buying a local eSIM usually allows you to have the best rates, the travel packages offered by your operator can be simpler, especially for short trips. Find out more!

eSIM Provider Travel Rate Comparison

Here is a comparison of the rates of some eSIM providers for travel in France and Mexico. Prices are subject to change without notice, and there are often promotions!

MobilityPass – Voice and Data eSIM

Credits added to your account are valid for one year.

Package France

2 EUR/100 MB/per day (DayPass package)

10 EUR/1GB/per day (DayPass package)

A pay-as-you-go plan is also available, at 0.09 EUR per MB.

France Phone Plan

0.18 EUR per minute or per text message

Incoming calls are 0.18 USD/minute, and incoming texts are free.

Mexico Plan

2 EUR/100 MB/per day (DayPass plan)

10 EUR/1GB/per day (DayPass plan)

A pay-as-you-go plan is also available, at 0.09 EUR per MB.

Mexico Phone Plan

0.18 EUR per minute or per text message

Incoming calls are 0.18 Euros/minute, and incoming texts are free.

Holafly – Website, Data only Plan

France Plan

39 EUR/3 GB/8 days

49 EUR/5 GB/15 days

59 EUR/5 GB/30 days

Mexico Package

39 EUR/1 GB/30 days

Airalo: an iOS eSIM Application

esim Airalo app for eSim Data Plan for Travel

The Airalo app simplifies the purchase of an eSIM for your iOS device. Once installed and configured in your phone, you will be able to easily get a plan adapted to your needs in over 190 countries and regions. You can also use the app to manage multiple eSIMs for different countries or regions.

France: Data only

5 USD/1 GB/7 days

10 USD/3 GB/30 days

15 USD/5 GB/30 days

22.50 USD/10 GB/30 days

A package valid in 39 European countries costs the same, starting at $5. It may be worth it for an unexpected trip!

Mexico: Data

9 USD/1 GB/7 days


Not available

https://www.airalo.com, iOS only.

Nomad: eSIM Data Packs

esim nomad application for eSim Data Plan for Travel

Another application to choose your eSIM, for iOS only. You can install both apps on your iPhone to compare!

France (Data only)

5 USD/1 GB/30 days

11 USD/3 GB/30 days

15 USD/5 GB/30 days

Mexico (Data only)

15 USD/1 GB/30 days

35 USD/3 GB/30 days

Cuba (Data only)

Not available

https://www.getnomad.app, iOS only.

Use a Travel eSIM Price Comparison Tool

To simplify the purchase of an eSIM, the website simbud.com compares the prices of eSIM packages.

Powered by SimBud

You can choose a country, an amount of data and a duration to compare prices of several providers – but not all of them.


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